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Submitted by AmayaAi 1013d ago | opinion piece

Is BioShock: Infinite the Greatest Game of this Generation?

Adam from NoobFeed takes on BioShock: Infinite. Like other games BioShock: Infinite has its flaws with padded fights towards the final portion of the game and lack of choices as hard-hitting as the Little Sister dilemma from the previous BioShock games.

Irrational Games has used humanity’s greatest contradictions and atrocities to synthesize an original title that will smile with its soaring accomplishments, and he'll say it again BioShock: Infinite is the best game of this generation. (BioShock: Infinite, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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RmanX1000  +   1013d ago
The game wasn't bad, it was in fact, really good. but it is definitely not the best of this gen.
Irishguy95  +   1013d ago
It's worthy of the title in alot of ways I think. Great Story, Great visuals and great gameplay for the most part. The Skyline added a great new dynamic for an FPS.

My Fav game of this gen is the two souls games(yes I did just refer to them as one thing, because I can't pick which of the two is better)

Ezio....None of those games really nailed the story part. Mgs4 would only be great for MG fans and even then it had it's faults(it pulled the cheese a bit too much, and went too over the top). ME2 had a good enough story too was just...insignificant/filler. That's what it felt like playing it. The collectors were just randomers getting used by Reapers.

I am very alone on my opinion of Uncharted, but that only nailed Gameplay and Visuals. The story played it safe for a reason, like alot of companies(take avatar for example) they just stick to a basic story because they don't want to take the risk of people not liking the story. Because too much money and time went into Uncharteds set pieces just for some writer to screw it all up(looks at ME3). Bioshock Infinite however tried to do everything and succeeded in alot of ways.

I don't like your opinion I guess. Bioshock 1 had better gameplay than Infinite I suppose, it's combat wasn't better but the exploration and 'encounters' made it better I think. Big daddies > Infinite's enemies. The story was also very good but not as good as Infinite.

Red dead I guess I am alone on that too. Too repetitive for me, Mexico was a stain on that game.

Skyrim suffered from poor story, and alot of poor gameplay design choices. I still for the life of me cannot find any semblance of fun in the games combat system. It relies too much on 'stats' for an Action Rpg that is controlled by level scaling. The combat is to backwards in it.
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zeee  +   1013d ago
I believe game of the year or generation is a personal matter. I mean, to someone, Bioshock could be the best ever game produced, to someone else, it could be Uncharted 2 or The Last of Us or Beyond: Two Souls. And yes, I know the later two haven't even been released yet but that's not the point.

And to be honest, I am one of those people who can't just simply put a finger on one title and call it GAME of the year or GAME of the generation. I think it should be "GAMES" with an "S".

In my opinion, a single game can not define a whole generation. It is a collective effort, spanned across multiple platforms in one generation period. Again, that is just my personal opinion and nothing more.
Calicojack26  +   1012d ago
I have to agree on the two "souls" games. I've been playing games since the early eighties; I've spent 80+ hours on Final Fantasy games, traveled to all the Monkey Islands, and have ridden Epona through Hyrule. The blockbusters like Skyrim, Uncharted, GTA and the like are great games, but fairly forgettable after 10-15 hours. I've now played both souls games for well over 200+ hours of my life and can literally find nothing 'wrong' with the games. This is just one gamers opinion, but I think those two games are as perfectly crafted as any I've ever played.
ShugaCane  +   1013d ago
"Really good" doesn't do the game the justice it deserves in my opinion. I don't argue it's not the best of this generation, but it's one of the only games that make the player think that much. And the writing is definately among the best, along with the art direction.
Kanzes  +   1013d ago
I agree if Bioshock Infinite is ONE of the best game in current generation. It got the best story and sound so far in this year.

But..., The Greatest? nope. this current gen isn't over yet. From what I've heard about GTA V details, maybe it IS the real greatest game of this generation.. but still, that's just my expectations.
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Minato-Namikaze  +   1013d ago
Best game this gen is coming out june 14th
dedicatedtogamers  +   1013d ago
I wish people would wait for the dust to settle before declaring "Game of the Forever!". The hyperbolic praises sprung up pretty much the minute Infinite hit the market, so I'm wary it's just excitement instead of level-headed analysis.

The game itself is fine. But greatest game of the generation? We're gonna go ahead and declare that merely a month after the game launched with no major competition currently on the market? Er, okay....
The_Infected  +   1013d ago
What about GTA5, The Last of Us, or Beyond: Two Souls? They haven't even come out yet.
fermcr  +   1013d ago
BioShock: Infinite is way overrated.

It's a good game, but not the great game that some people have made it out to be.

BTW i didn't like the ending. I got the meaning of that ending, just didn't like it.
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ironfist92  +   1013d ago
The praise is deserved, what I dont like is people claiming it to be the best game ever, ignoring its flaws, and ignoring other great games which have been release.
MysticStrummer  +   1013d ago
Just like any other opinion, whether Bioshock: Infinite is the greatest or not depends on who you ask. I know a guy who hated it even though he counts the original as one of the greatest ever. He traded Infinite in without finishiing it.

He was supposed to loan it to me, dammit.
Tonester925  +   1013d ago
I bought the game for my little brother and have yet been able to play it. Might have to try it out.
Ezio2048  +   1013d ago
No way.......Bisohock Infinite is a great game but games like GTA IV, Mgs4, Bioshock, Uncharted 2, Red Dead, Mass Effect 2, Skyrim are all better games than Bioshock Infinite....
AmayaAi  +   1013d ago
I agree about Mass Effect, Uncharted, GTA and Skyrim. Bioshock too has everything a game needs. Amazingly captive story, great gameplay, eye candy graphics, perfect blend of music with excellent voice-over. So it's never an easy call to make.
majiebeast  +   1013d ago
No the gameplay itself was lacking when you compare it to Bioshock. It got really bad at the end, where i just wanted it to be over. I loved the story and atmosphere, but the fps elements were the weakest part of a really good game.
Inception  +   1013d ago
Yeah, especially the final stage when they throw wave after wave of mindless enemies. I just "WTF is this?! This isn't Bioshock, this is CoD godamit! What have they done?!". And the dissapointed not stop when i found i'm not fighting songbird or enemies that i can call 'the final boss'. I mean, where the hell is the final boss? Are those battleship & mindless enemies are the final boss?

In terms of story, maybe Infinite are on-par / better than Bioshock 1 (but i like Bio 1 story more than Infinite). But in terms of gameplay, Infinite is the worst in Bioshock series.
Campy da Camper  +   1012d ago
Ha. That is where I quit playing. The level on the ship where you have to take out the balloon ships and the endless respawn of enemies. I was like this is stupid.

BioShock I finite had everything going for it except the actual gameplay in fighting enemies. Mindless shooting. They gave you all these magic abilities and I just ran through using fire and a machine gun. There is nothing more 2007 than just sitting back and shooting wave after wave if enemies who apparently have magic portals that let them pop up out of nowhere.

That said, the ambience and characters were great. Awesome art design and level construction . Graphics pretty good, too. I just got bored after all the mundane shooting. I wish the game was nothing but those robot heart guys and the crow men and it was stealth oriented. Playing cat and mouse with those guys usingmy magic and sniper rifles would have been a blast.

One more thing. Its cheap to lock a player in a room for a battle. Auto closing doors are my biggest pet peeve. That's why I prefer Fallout combat. Being able to retreat and regroup makes it more I tuitive and realistic. When I'm caged In and enemies just pop in I panic and go fully auto and spam grenades til its over lol
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fossilfern  +   1013d ago
I agree the atmosphere was great but it wasnt expanded upon enough and with people constantly moaning about shooters this game is nothing but a shooter and a poor one at that IMO.
InTheLab  +   1013d ago
Not even gonna lie here. I lost interest once I realized Elizabeth wasn't getting a new rip tornadoes from another dimension and use it as a new tear ability, and instead, went back to picking locks and handing me quarters.

Great game thanks to the story and characters but the gameplay is crap.
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Campy da Camper  +   1012d ago
Agreed. What I loved most about the first one was being able to stalk big daddies. I spent hours tracking then and doing turkey peek sniper shots then running like hell to hide Lol. In this installment, they lacked that "David vs Goliath" with the steam punk heart guys. Its like they made it more casual. I like challenges. I like spending an hour or so on one level getting lost in the design and playing hide and seek with badass enemies.
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SlapHappyJesus  +   1013d ago
A truly stellar game, but certainly not the best game of this generation.
Then again, I guess it is all opinion.
monkeyfox  +   1013d ago
no... no it wasn't...
IIJOSEPHXII  +   1013d ago
God no! Possibly the most overrated though.
Kietz  +   1013d ago
Skyrim by a long shot.
nutcrackr  +   1013d ago
Easily the most overrated
ps3_pwns  +   1013d ago
skyrim and bioshock infinite are overated and skyrim sucks lol. fallout series is better then skyrim crap and anyone else will tell you the same
revben  +   1013d ago
hipsters will be hipsters. if Skyrim suck so much, then do not speak of it,
MysticStrummer  +   1013d ago
@revben - Having an honest opinion doesn't make someone a hipster. Not everyone in life will agree with you. Try to deal with that.
Campy da Camper  +   1012d ago
Skyrim was a major let down. After all the hype it was boring. Oblivions dungeons and overall ambiance was way more intense in my opinion. Oblivion is up there in my top five games this gen...

In no particular order...
Demons souls
Rainbow 6 Vegas

Its games like these that suck me in and even after investing over a hundred hours I never feel its a chore. Games like these cause me to space out at work thinking about them and cause me to hear the birds chirping and realize I just pulled another allnighter.
Jyndal  +   1013d ago
If the title of "Greatest Game of this Generation" is being handed out, it truly belongs to Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Then again, I AM a fanboy....

You want to get down to it, Minecraft is probably in the running for "Game of the Decade". I've never seen a game sprout so many clones and copycats so fast.
MysticStrummer  +   1013d ago
I'd agree with you about Minecraft long before Skyrim, and I don't even play Minecraft. Then again I've played all the Elder Scroll games and can see how little they've actually changed since the beginning. I don't think some things about ES have advanced much at all since Arena in the early 90s. Combat in particular, which is a huge part of the game, is virtually the same. Elder Scrolls does one thing better than any other RPG, and that is exploration of a huge detailed world. That's a huge thing because it really sucks you into the environment. It sucks you in so much that it takes awhile to start seeing how flawed many other aspects of the game are. Judging by the bugs the series has been cursed with since the beginning, the world is too detailed for the developers to handle. I enjoy the ES games and will buy the next on day one, but I'm not sure either Skyrim or Oblivion would make my top 20 Games of the Generation list at all, much less be at the top of that list.
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DasTier  +   1013d ago
noorbert  +   1013d ago
About 60% in and i am hating every bit of it pretty much. And i am huge fan of 1 & 2. So NO for me.
The_Infected  +   1013d ago
What don't you like about it? I didn't really like it all that well either.
noorbert  +   1013d ago
I think the game is very solid, but thats it. Solid is boring. It doesnt have interesting story to me, combat is worse than in 1 & 2 or perhaps same which can be issue several years later and the game in overall lacks new ideas. Yeah the city is cool, but thats realy about it. Bioshock 1 is probably one of my most favourite games ever and in comparsion, this is horse shit next to that game and the unique experience i had with bioshock 1.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1013d ago
I'm with you on that one.
Loved the original two games but I'm really not liking Infinite. I hate the recharging shield, I hate the fact you can only carry two weapons, the plasmid rip offs are practically made redundant and I just find the overall combat really boring. The story is okay but the most interesting part for me was the whole racism thing but that just doesn't get explored enough for me personally. It's been a huge disappointment for me especially for a Bioshock game.
Some people seem to love it though =/
Mykky  +   1012d ago
I bought Bioshock 2 on sale and I didn't like it at all. Hopefully that means I will enjoy Infinite a lot more when I'm buying it this week. The atmosphere seems fantastic.
first1NFANTRY  +   1013d ago
Well i just bought the Rapture pack which come with both BS1 and BS2 this weekend. I've been told by many on this site it is a great series. Hopefully my experience with both games will warrant an Infinite purchase.
weekev15  +   1013d ago
I hate the debate about greatest game of the generation. There are so many good games that I find it difficult to compare.

Uncharted 2 and 3 were epic and brilliant. Red dead redemption was amazing, great visuals, great storyline, awesome game. Mario Galaxy was an amazingly fun game. I never played any Bioshock, which I realise is sacrilige, but a lot of the comments and reviews make it sound like a unique and great universe to play in.

I think 1 thing everyone can agree on is that we, the gamers, have been treated to some of the most amazing games ever this gen. Whilst there has been the negatives like milked franchises, DRM, on disc dlc etc, we have been treated to a delightful array of innovation and talent which has given us hour upon hour of fun. Game devs all over thank you for an awesome generation(which aint over by a long shot) bring on next gen.
Kran  +   1013d ago
Uhhhh no.

If you watch total biscuits video, you'd understand why it's not even the best this year.

I'm not saying its a crap game. It's not. It IS good. There are just many flaws.
smashman98  +   1013d ago
I gotta say no... I loved it alot. But there were better games I believe someone above me mentioned red dead
Stoppokingme  +   1013d ago
It's a pretty bold statement considering some of the other gems we've played this gen.

But it's a matter of opinion. I'm just glad we've got so many great games to play.
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EditorAtGNG  +   1013d ago
Has anyone even read the article or they all assume it's cooler to simply write "NO" or any negative statement known in the dictionary out of pure spite? Seriously, grow up and give some statements to support your claim. Otherwise, you just appear like a nagging child.
jagstar44  +   1013d ago
Probably not the best game this generation, but i think it's a huge milestone for gaming in terms of the way the story is told and the setting.
coolmast3r  +   1013d ago
One of the greatest? Yes. The greatest? No.
Kinger8938  +   1013d ago
its close for me, but i think mgs4 still takes it from what ive played as a single player experiance

but that said bioshock is the best game more recently for me
No_Pantaloons  +   1013d ago
I might be in the minority but I thought it was rather bland. I only got about 1/2 way through, but it just doesn't seem nearly as great as people claim. Mostly just a retread of the original bioshock with item names and weapons changed, which to me is pointless and offers nothing interesting. The cloud city was pretty, but other than ziplining it also offers nothing beyond scenery. Lastly (imo) the story is really weak, I don't even understand most of it, much less care.
While the original was extremely creative, I don't see this being any better than 2, in fact slightly worse since 2 was just a cash grab with multiplayer it didn't try to be anything it wasn't.
ironfist92  +   1013d ago
Gameplay was lacking, especially in comparison to BS1 and 2. But the story, setting, characters, dialogue, basically all the narrative aspects of the game were great.

it oculdve been a point and click adventure and still wouldve been amazing, but the combat was meh and didnt really do anything new which hasnt already been done before, save for the few skyhook moments.
Sargerus  +   1013d ago
is one of the best of this generation no doubt, but FOR ME the current best game is Dark Souls
goldwyncq  +   1013d ago
Best FPS this gen? I'd say yes. Best game of this generation? Just no.
GoldenRimz  +   1013d ago
Not even close to the best game of this generation.
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Crillvirus81  +   1013d ago
I was great but I say Mario galaxy 1 and 2 where the best in my opinion this gen and they weren't even hd lol
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Zcarnut  +   1013d ago
Infinite was a fantastic game and I enjoyed it alot. But i'm hesitant to consider it best of this generation. The main reason is ...Lack of staying power.I love the L4D series. They have been out for years and I STILL enjoy them. I cant say even now that i'm playing Infinite anymore and it hasnt been out long.
plut0nash  +   1013d ago
Controversy != Class
LAWSON72  +   1013d ago
As great as it is, my fav games of this gen are mass effect 1 and halo 3
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vickers500  +   1013d ago
I wouldn't say it's the 'best', but it's definitely up there. If I would have to give that title to anything though, it would definitely be the first Bioshock.

It's definitely in the top 5 though, and would put personally put it above many of these supposedly amazing and very highly rated/praised games that I simply find just 'good' (GTAIV, Uncharted 2, Skyrim just to name a few).

Infinites biggest flaw is probably its gameplay. It didn't have as much going for it as the first Bioshock did, unfortunately. But the story and atmosphere are hands down some of the best to come to a video game.
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SgtFuzzy-T  +   1013d ago
OK what is with everyone saying that this is the best game ever, yes I agree it is a very well thought out game

But I am the only one around here that thinks that this is a complete rip off of what they did in half life 2 -EP 2
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