Will We See Fewer Exclusives In The PS4/Xbox 720 Generation?

Many are predicting the demise of the exclusive title at some point in the future, but will we really see a marked decline in the next generation...?

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Nitrowolf22053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

Look at Sony, even at the end of the PS3 life cycle we have a few new IP's still coming out for it before the PS4 even releases. Sony has been pumping exclusives like crazy. Sure they had a slow start, but towards the middle/end they had plenty and still do.

IDK about Microsoft, I know they'll be strong in the beginning, but if they are like this gen they'll lack in the end as if they are cutting support for it (like the first Xbox). Not trying to diss MS, just going by their history.

I have a feeling Sony will be mainly first party again with MS focusing on third party exclusives like they have so in the past.

P_Bomb2053d ago

Looking at the number of exclusives the PS3 is *still* releasing in this, the same year as the PS4 launch, I'd say no. On the Sony side at least. They have a veritable surplus of IP, self-published or otherwise (Sega's Yakuza, Namco Bandai's Ni No Kuni).

Muerte24942052d ago

Let name some of the developers working with sony that we know of....

Santa MOnica Studio (2 teams)
Naughty Dog Studios (2 teams)
Insomniac Games
Quadratic Dreams
Sucker Punch
That Game Company
Polyphony Digital
Evolution Studios
Guerilla Games
Lightbox studios
Media Molecule

That are atleast about 13 exclusives we can look forward to seeing on PS4.

RuleofOne343 2052d ago

Isn't Insomniac a multi-plat developer now & are busy working on their first owned IP game w/EA. Have not heard that they are working on anything for sony, also That Game Company is also a Multi-plat studio seeing as how their 3 game deal w/ sony has been completed again heard nothing of them doing anything for Sony.

Muerte24942052d ago

a multiplatform title being PUBLISHED by EA. Sony still owns rights to all Sony published titles such as Ratchet and Clank and Resistance. That Game Company is a branch closely related to Santa Monica Studios. They published Flower, Flow, and Journey (all exclusives).

90% of their titles have only been published on Sony's ps3.

DOMination-2052d ago

TGC next game is multiplat and Lightbox last i heard were doing mobile games. Insomniac haven't confirmed any PS exclusives and the rest are all first party!

I think Sony will get more support from Japan though. I wouldn't be surprised if Capcom, SE and Namco show some exclusive love to the ps4

joab7772052d ago

They have invested too much to not capitalize on it. Sony, that is. And consoles still have to make their base happy as well as create software that can only be played there. Many ppl bought an xbox early on and then a ps3 down the road. They kept track of all the games they missed and finally got to play them. I did the reverse. But, why would anyone ever fork over money for a 2nd console is there were no exclusives. So it isn't just about intial hardware sales but late in the cycle too. And Sony always has their 10 yr plan and they always come through b/c of this investment.

a_bro2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )


Based on what we are hearing from both sides, both consoles will be on par to each other, with the ps4 being slightly more powerful than the 720. It's going to be all about the first party offerings, and the business practices that these companies use to sway in developers and consumers.

majiebeast2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

If the rumoured GPU specs of 720:1.2 vs PS4:1.8 tflops is true thats 25% on the GPU alone. I wouldnt call that slightly.

Every big Sony studio has 2 teams by now like Naughty Dog. Instead of building new studio's Sony bought former second party studio's like Suckerpunch and Media Molecule.

joab7772052d ago

Isn't it funny that this gen may be very similar to next gen.

Omar912053d ago

I'm not to sure honestly. I feel as if sony will not let that happen with all of there first party devs I feel as if Sony will continue t support the fans and its console with plenty of exclusives just like this gen. If it's one company we can depend on pushing exclusives left and right... it's Sony.

PopRocks3592053d ago

That seems doubtful. I'd expect more exclusive content at least. The two systems seem to be going about it in slightly different ways and the type of content we see on them may reflect that.

Godmars2902052d ago

Will there be a point in seeing exclusives on consoles?

Not to flamebomb but MS weakness this gen was in failing to create an actual identity for the Xbox. As far as anyone were really concerned it was only a platform for PC ports. And while the PS3 wasn't really any better at least it has few titles which showed that its hardware was explored and exploited things like Demon's Souls was possible.

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