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Submitted by chris_hague 1009d ago | review

Black Rock Shooter: The Game Review | Stick Skills

Stick Skills: "Almost three years after its Japanese launch, Black Rock Shooter: The Game is releasing on the PlayStation Network. BRS is an RPG from Imageepoch set in the rather popular Black Rock Shooter franchise, which I’ll admit, I don’t really know much about. I went in cold with no expectations whatsoever. And you know what? It’s not that bad." (Black Rock Shooter, PSP) 3/5

Kamikaze8  +   1009d ago
Has anyone watched the anime? Was kinda interested in checking it out.
Soldierone  +   1009d ago
Relaying information from my friends. I was interested too since I found the story extremely interesting in the game.

first friends, hates the anime. However said it wasn't his genre and told me to ask someone else that liked "that genre."

I did, this person replied "it's not even the same thing at all. It takes everyhing the game did right and never does it."
d3nworth1  +   1009d ago
The anime had really sick fight scenes but story was kinda confusing at first. The game,the anime and the manga are completely unrelated. The anime happen in present time with two realities. The manga it kinda like bleach where she hunts down souls stuck between heaven and earth. The take place in the future where she fights aliens.
Hicken  +   1009d ago
d3nworth has it right. The anime has two different things going on in it that are quite separate, but seem to be related, in a way. One side is rather slice-of-life, while the other is fantasy action. Both have their draws. They don't seem to be largely related to any other media in the series, though.
drizzom  +   1009d ago
The anime is very metaphorical. Every character has an alter ego in the opposite world. The MC's alter ego is BRS. The main character faces slice of life problems in the regular world that translate into some intense fight scenes in the other world.

The problem is that most people weren't interested in the slice of life parts of the anime and just wanted to see BRS.
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Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   1009d ago
The show was garbage unsurprisingly.

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