Top Ten Genesis/Mega Drive Platformers

With a stellar selection of titles to choose from, which games made Power Up Gaming's cut?

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Relientk771962d ago

There are so many great platformers for the Genesis

Ristar is amazing, and needs to come back

Sonic, Earthworm Jim, and QuackShot Starring Donald Duck all fantastic games

imXify1962d ago

Ristar was indeed amazing ! It's the first game I could never finish because it was freaking too hard. :'D

Relientk771962d ago

It was hard, also it needed save spots, passwords or something.

yeah, never beat it either fantasic game tho

legionsoup1962d ago

Kid Chameleon was incredible. Surprised it's not on this list.

Also, what about Cool Spot?

nugnugs1961d ago

Yeah Kid Chameleon was My favourite, couldn't b bothered to read the article so dunno if Dynamite Heady is on there, but that was awesome too.
Earthworm Jim?

Myst1962d ago

Oh man I remember Lion King and loved that game, not sure if the main reason was because of the movie or the actual game.

SegaGamer1962d ago

Too many too choose from

TopDudeMan1962d ago

Clearly sonic is the obvious one that springs to mind, but there's also vectorman, which I found to be really challenging. If there's one thing the megadrive was known for, it was quality 2d platformers.

nugnugs1961d ago

Good game. Crap character.

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