GTR: Microsoft First Parties “Six Months Behind” On Next-Gen Games – Roundtable Discussion

This week on Gamertag Radio:

*Big Announcement
*Rumor: Microsoft First Parties “Six Months Behind” On Next-Gen Games – roundtable discussion
*Call Of Duty Ghosts
*Again….. Wii U debate
*No Madden NFL football from EA Sports on Wii U in 2013
*Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer
*Truth or False

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Chaostar1565d ago

MS will just splurge on whatever weak willed 3rd party studios they can find. It's worked for them in the past although it's more of a temporary fix, here's hoping their 1st party get to grips with the new hardware asap.

Belking1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

Dude, you shouldn't be that naive. These people don't know jack about MS or the industry itself. They just look for articles on the net(whether true or not) and gossip.

cyberninja1565d ago

And you know everything about them, lol.

DA_SHREDDER1565d ago

I agree that it's all speculation, but still, you have to admit, its not like Microsoft isn't the weakest in terms of 1st party software portfolio.

MikeMyers1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

How can you be behind 6 months if you don't have much to show before that? It's not like Microsoft has been pumping out 1st party games for the past few years. Nintendo and Sony seem to be able to handle both handheld and console game supplies, especially Sony.

I'd like to see Microsoft invest more into new studios and not just with the same ip's or XBLA and Kinect games.

coolbeans1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

"And you know everything about them, lol."

They're in the gaming journalism industry. That fact alone makes Belking's point pretty legitimate in my eyes.

EVILDEAD3601564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

The Kotaku rumor isn't going to hurt a fly.

MS just simply needs to show off the goods over the course of these 3 months and all the fake speculation is going to cease.

All they need to do is show off the vision, show off the box, and denounce the rumors, save the megatons for E3 and it's going to be a whole new ball game.

Popcorn will be popped.


Menech1564d ago

Microsoft aren't Sony they don't have the same business model. They aren't a first party focused firm, they don't own 20 games development Studios.

I wish everyone would stop using that tired fantard argument, and stop telling MS in their infinite knowledge that they need to be more like a company that hasn't made a profit in over 4 years.

Chaostar1564d ago

Actually, I think it's much more naive to completely dismiss a rumour than to mildly speculate on the possibility that it's true. Nowhere did I make the assertion that this rumour is 100% fact.

subtenko1564d ago

I might just skip out on the Xbox720 and just get a PS4 first at least. I'm still waiting for the 21st of May though because maybe M$ will show something new and never before seen to the gaming industry.

sikbeta1564d ago

Those who really want this to be really don't understand that IF true, MS will buy Third Party Exlclusives left and right... so, yeah, can't beat them, unless you don't wanna play those amazing third party games, I don't see why anyone will want this to happen, it's a win-win situation for Xbox owners, not so much for everyone else ;)

nypifisel1564d ago


That's just stupid. Do you think anyone would consider it financially feasible for Microsoft to buy third party titles like that. It isn't. Third parties are even more reluctant than ever to do exclusive deals. Especially on a new console launch when the install base are so small.

EVILDEAD3601564d ago

Unless you are oblivious to standard gaming practices in console gaming, you would clearly know that ALL consoles use Third Party exclusives.

Both Sony and MS had Third Party exclusives THIS gen and both Sony and MS will have them Next gen.

If you find fault with MS then you also should find fault with Sony as well.


pixelsword1564d ago


A. The 6mo. rumor is true and Kotaku knows enough to kiss buns early to keep their website afloat. This would be wise for Kotaku, because six months is a long time to be left in the cold because they dissed Sony. Kotaku might reason that someone inside Sony's executive enclave may decide that supporting a website that tends to give them the finger first chance they get is a bad idea, because doing such won't help with putting Sony back in the black


B. They posted total bull to get people riled-up just to get "slammed" with good news and make aspects of the Microsoft announcement appear better than what it actually is (it's reverse-psychology, of sorts). Whether Kotaku is being played for suckers or not is not relevant because people have been trying to kick them off of this site longer than HHG, but for some reason they persist; so in that regard Kotaku can make up the dumbest Shinola they want, because pretty much no other gaming site is/was held responsible for what they say except HHG. I still remember when GameTrailers were caught fudging the appearance for graphics on more than one occasion on videos (for Sony, I think) but yet they were never kicked off of any site or their status lowered by anyone.

Either way, it's useless to speculate at this point until MICROSOFT actually says something, not Kotaku or anyone else acting upon a rumor.

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fermcr1565d ago ShowReplies(2)
showtimefolks1564d ago

More rumors lets wait for MS to actually confirm something

Also it's not like MS depend on its 1st party studios

Most rumors that leaked for ps4 happened to have a lot of actual info so sme rumors maybe true but still we will not see the complete picture till E3

_-EDMIX-_1564d ago

Agreed, but Kotaku is one of the sites that leaked out those correct PS4 specs including the controller. I see this as being 80% true.

MS first party is pretty much Kinect Focused and they have leaned on 3rd parties to get timed exclusives for them MANY times before. This rumor just has oh too much truth in it based on what MS has done in the past. We'll see at E3, but if EA shows there game at E3 as a Xbox Fusion exclusive.......then clearly MS really has nothing in store for the core but timed games and Kinect.

ALLWRONG1564d ago ShowReplies(2)
Kran1564d ago

So you mean developers like Remedy?

How dare you :(

Syntax-Error1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

Not only is this story old, but the original author wrote a reprise to it. Said it before and i'll say it again...MICROSOFT SHOULD NOT RELEASE CONSOLE FOR THE HOLIDAY SEASON. They should release the console in the 1st quarter of 2014. There's no rush considering not many people will buy the PS4 at launch anyway. With PS3 still having legs and an imminent price drop of the PS3, I am sure that PS4 might come out the gate slowly. You're looking at an end of year onslaught of games for current gen. No one is really ready to plop down $500 on a console when current consoles have so many good games getting released. People have to remember that Watch Dogs, Black Flag, and Battlefield 4 are also going to be on current gen as well as next gen. THE LAST GUARDIAN HAS GONE A WHOLE GENERATION AND STILL NOT READY. People always want to throw stones, but never in the right direction.

GribbleGrunger1564d ago

What lets you down there is $500. But for that, you have a decent argument. That shows quite clearly that you want to stack your argument by choosing the highest 'suggested' price so far $500 and not the widely accepted price of $399.

Other than that I see no problem with the logic here and it is definitely ONE possibility.

T21563d ago

@ syntax Ya you think so ? Every single friend I know is buying a ps4 day 1and never looking back .. Including my three xbox only friends . the only way Sony comes out slow through the busiest shopping season is if they run out .

nthstew1564d ago

creepy fanboy podcast...

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1564d ago

Most of their 1st party are 3 years behind on 360 support.

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matrixman921565d ago

i cant wait till the 21st so people can get information from official facts.

Knight_Crawler1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

Well said dude.

Some people want the Xbox to fail so bad and it hurts them that MS managed to triple its fanbase this gen.

I remember before the 360 launched a certain faction was screaming victory and saying that Sony will kill the 360 like they did the Dream Cast (R.I.P). - see 2007 N4G 360 article.

Here is hoping MS delivers with the 720 with games and gives us an all in one beast of a machine and provides more countless memories like they did with the 360 :)

Edit: Am I the only one who is super hype for Alan Wake 2 and cannot wait to see what Remedy does with next a next gen console.

Also I would love a Lost Odyssey 2 but dont think Mist Walker has time to make it and I dont want anybody but Mist Walker to make it.

ps3_pwns1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

you need to ask yourself why they want ms to fail then compare that why the other people want the ps4 to fail. in the end the side that wants the x720 to fail actually have good thought out reasons. the people who want the ps4 to fail have no reason at all just fanboyism.

1. pay to play online yearly money subscription that can go up in price

2. not as many 1st party titles compared to nintendo and sony.

3 little variety in exclusives

4 kinect no one likes the focus on that

5. with all the being behind crap no one wants a rrod again.

these are only 5 reasons i could do more but whats the reason to hate ps4?

1.the console will not be high price sony even said it wouldnt be.

2 mic in every box and you can plug it into your control

3. increased features and cross chat and video and even more stuff then xbl in this area

4 improved controller

5. most powerful system with tons of 1st party devs and exclusives in different generes.

why do you guys hate the ps4? please tell me?

is it because you want to carry over your achievements? is it because you think your friends are all gonna go xbox again which they are not. sometimes you have to let go of the past things like many let go of myspace and embraced facebook. times have changed.

@Kratos_Kills no they will show fake milo vids and trick everyone once again and the xbox fanboys will eat it all up like peasents.

Why o why1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

Ha,,Hey knight crawler. Did you forget the dead on arrival articles for the ps3 that certain 'factions' were backing with their screams along with the no games ones after the ps released.... goes both ways mate....lets not act like its only 1 faction screaming aey.

As many have repeatedly stated...the 21st cant come soon enough.....people will continue to farm extra hits until then.

slampunk1565d ago


"the people who want the ps4 to fail have no reason at all just fanboyism."

So people can be critical of MS but not of Sony....your comment wreaks of fanboy (as does your name)

Before this gen i was complete Sony fanboy....i eventually bought a 360 after seeing gears of war and xbox live.....having both has certainly made me realize how narrow minded fanboys are.....

What do i want this gen? Both sony and MS to remain competitive....why? because that is better for the consumer as companies are forced to spend more money on games, services etc.

This Gen MS are the clear winner from a business point of view.....

Although PS+ is great value, MS still have what i consider the better online service. Party chat, cross game chat and including a headset were huge wins for MS this gen.....So much so that Sony even mentioned it in their PS4 announcement.

MS triple their market share in one generation.....after how huge the PS2 was, Sony were foolish and complacent at the beginning of this their credit they threw everything they had at it after the disappointing launch but from a business point of view they failed in comparison to last gen. Before you disagree, do you think that prior to PS3 launching, that Sony execs sat around the board table going "ok, well we'll lose 50% of our market share, whilst MS triple their hardware sales and then we'll have to work the entire generation to sell as many consoles as MS" Of course they didn't?!

I give credit to Sony for using MS plan from this gen.....announce first, better controller, headset,sharing features, cross chat.....They have looked at this gen and basically admitted where they fell short and seem to be fixing the issues which i think is fantastic.....

Kinect...... (which doesn't really appeal to me) has been huge for the core gamers really care for it, probably not, but from a business point of view it was a great win for MS. Around 20 million sold i think.....Sony didn't show their console in Feb but did show their version of kinect / ps eye which certainly shows their respect for the device.

i may sound like i side with MS here , but i don't ( i will buy both next gen consoles)..... Just trying to make you who is obviously a PS fanboy open your eyes a little.....

I also don't understand why in a MS story you ask why people hate PS4....i don't?

and why would people hate PS4 for adding a headset, cross chat and for being a powerful system?

As matrixman92 said.

"i cant wait till the 21st so people can get information from official facts."

ATi_Elite1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

I'm hyped for Alan Wake 2 also except I'll be playing it on the PC.

Alan Wake was a good game and Remedy did a Good job porting it to PC.

Alan Wake sold very well on the PC so a Day 1 release for Alan Wake 2 is expected instead of a year 2 release like AW1

MS looks to be pushing for a Machine to be the center piece of the Living room and NOT just a gaming machine. Expect way more kinect stuff along side MS usual plans for Timed Exclusives.

I'm Positive MS has been lurking around looking for just the right Dev and game to lock into a Exclusive deal for their new machine

But I expect 343 to pump out another Halo to solidify the X720.

May 21st. will be a Good day!

kenshiro1001564d ago

... Nobody wants Microsoft to fail but they need to actually put more effort into new Ips and actual games next gen.

But of course, automatically assume people hate Microsoft...

nukeitall1564d ago


I completely agree with you. The thing here is that Sony's playbook so far is to basically copy MS Xbox 360 strategy and is now getting praise for it. I find that ironic.

Cross game/party chat, included microphone, easier architecture, developer friendly, eye toy with depth tracking, and so on.

Essentially it seems Sony looked at MS this generation and planned the PS4. So far little new and innovative ideas has been shown and maybe it is too early.

DigitalRaptor1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

@ nukeitall

"EyeToy" with depth tracking features were going to happen regardless of Kinect's success as Sony have been working on camera based gaming for years prior to MS buying and utilizing PrimeSense tech - but you'll obviously negate that fact.

It's a shame that Sony aren't copying Microsoft in the one area that truly matters on a gaming console then isn't it, and instead, are pushing ahead and have been for many years in that regard?

And I imagine Sony also copied Microsoft's badass Gaikai digital distribution model? I guess Sony copied the Xbox's instant-play features too. I guess they copied the Xbox's "jump into your friend's game" feature. I guess they copied Xbox's dedicated chip to play games whilst they download feature.

I guess they copied the light bar sensor from the Xbox controller to allow's split screen games to adjust based on where people are sitting. That is just one feature of many.

coolvibu931564d ago


All your ''reasons'' for hating the X720 are bull and made up because we know nothing about it. You just assume that all the negatives and only the negatives about the 360 automatically translate into the 720 and yet none of the PS3 negatives translate in the PS4, only the PS3 positives: this is clear fanboyism. For example, you still assume Ms will not change their business model about chargec online. Need I remind you MS and Sony once said Wii used motion controls would never be implemented on their consoles? Yet we all know how that ended. As you said times have changed, and companies change business models all the time. Maybe they'll change it, maybe they won't. But don't go stating things you know nothing about as if they are facts. Oh and that ''which can go up in price'' is total Bs you added to make your point more compelling when no signs remotedly point toweards it.
Point 2 and 3 are the same, which you had to separate to reach 5 reasons. Ms has made/acquired 11 new studios in the last 3 years (don't believe me, check their wiki), with 8 of them working on nextgen content as of now, so (hopefully) they should be in a better position than this gen. Remember, Sony didn't start up with all their studios already, it took them time to build up those studios.
5. with all the being behind crap no one wants a rrod again. Did you read? They are late behind 1st party game dev not the console.

All in all, your post reaks of unsubstantiated fanboy crap. At least wait until the 21st.

4Sh0w1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

@ps3 pwns uhm that is the biggest load of crap Ive read in awhile, none of those are logical reasons for wanting a gaming device to fail unless of course you are a dictator and YOU want a world in which there is only one type of home console platform that should exist, ahh exactly modeled like sonys, right? I mean because god knows thats the only way to do business and nobody likes what micro has done with the xbox brand this gen anyway. Im sure the great sales are due to micro buying up their own supply.