The Magpie Effect – What Is With The Collector’s Edition Obsession?

Everyone loves a shiny new Collector’s or Special Edition of their favourite game. It’s something to boast about to your friends, to display with pride and marvel at, or (as the case is with my Alduin statue) something to dress up for Christmas and celebrate the holidays with. Whether it is a soundtrack, t-shirt, figurine or something as simple as a digital download, all of this extra stuff cements your love for your game. Granted they do tend to come with a significant price boost, but for uber fans price really doesn’t seem to be an issue. So despite the fact that you’re paying an extra £30-£40/$47-$62 minimum on a game you were already planning on buying, what makes these editions so special? Why are people obsessed with the shiny Collector’s and Special editions of games?

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Snookies122053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

I'm not some dumb bird! I can think for myself and... Is that the Skyrim collector's edition...? *gets wallet*

Root2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

I do kind of have an obsession....I don't go out getting "mortal" nearly every night like some of my friends so that money goes towards Blu Ray steelbooks, blu ray collectors editions, video game steelbooks and video game collector editions

I have so many my parents are getting p***** with how many is in the loft since I won't sell them

They are just nice to never know how much one of them will go for in the far future.