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Xperia Z owners - get £22 for PSN free

Sony Mobile are giving away a redeemable voucher through an android app - Xperia Privilege for £20 ( ends up being £22 ) towards any Sony product, such as Music Unlimited, redeem on the PSN store for a nice £22 credit.

Xperia Z users only ( although works on rooted android devices ) (Android, PS3, Sony)

Mathew9R   347d ago | Spam
14Feb-R  +   346d ago
Does it work on galaxy note 2 ?.. Or you mean Xperia z root ?.
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sourav93  +   346d ago
Should work on galaxy note 2. Just change the approriate build.prop fields, download and install the apk and you should be good to go.
abzdine  +   346d ago
Xperia Z is the best phone ever! I'm happy for this offer. With Sony even on phones it's all about games
sikbeta  +   346d ago
I heard that once but, I guess it's not selling well and this is a way to spur some sales...
abzdine  +   346d ago
that's the difference between people who buy what the others buy and others who buy what is good for them.
Xperia Z is a beast, just go to a phone shop and take a look at those colors! On top of that it's waterproof
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sGIBMBR  +   346d ago
I got the Xperia Z about 3 weeks ago and damn, the phone really is beautiful!!
fei-hung  +   346d ago
Sony has sold an estimated 4.6 million units of the phone within 40 days of launch. It has out performed the iPhone 5 in some countries and has been their most successful phone they have brought onto the smartphone market.
sprinterboy  +   346d ago
downloading now
M-M  +   346d ago
Black screen =(.

Edit: Never mind, had to use the app before May 1st to see the promotions.
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tridentmorph  +   346d ago
Downloaded today, pressed on the offer and £22 into my psn account (via an emailed code), lovely.

Works a treat.
fei-hung  +   346d ago
Me and wife both bought an xperia z so I got £44 :)
shikamaroooo  +   346d ago
I got $30 AUD, thank you Sony.
Ddouble  +   346d ago
Redeemed mine yesterday.

The phone just keeps on giving.
WeAreLegion  +   346d ago
Darn it! I have an Xperia TL!

What about the Xperia Tablet Z? I pre-ordered it. Do I get stuff?!?
fucadastates  +   346d ago
if you get your tablet before 30/6-13, then yes
WeAreLegion  +   346d ago
Awesome! Thanks!
Catoplepas  +   346d ago
Could you hypothetically use an android emulator to redeem this offer?
saggysack79  +   346d ago
what about me i have the S?
sGIBMBR  +   346d ago
I already had Xperia Privilege installed but had no idea about this offer, so thank you to whoever posted this article :P

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