Indie group developing Battlefront 3 using CryEngine 3

Indie group developing Battlefront 3 using CryEngine 3

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PockyKing1089d ago

Probably will fall under just like the majority of these types of projects. Haven't heard a thing about the Halo: Venearnce mod in months and so on. Wouldn't get your hopes up.

biRdy1089d ago

They did allow that very successful Call of Duty mod.

zeal0us1089d ago

They should do a kickstarter.

ATi_Elite1089d ago

Yes they should! But then again if they did then maybe they would have to pay for the CryEngine 3 and some other legalities like using the Star Wars License.

So Doing it Free is the best way to avoid Lawsuits!

If they get this right then these guys will have themselves a Job at a Dev team or they will be a great Indie Dev team.

Good Luck and may the Force be with you!

DeadlyFire1089d ago

Free game first then they can set themselves up a kickstarter and aim to get the license from Disney to do Battlefront 3. Yes? Well that is my hope. Battlefront 3 won't exist without that kind of dedication towards it.

NarooN1089d ago

Sounds nice but it'll probably be in development for a year or so and then silently die as people lose motivation and people leave. That's how 98% of these ambitious mods end up, I've seen it too many times.

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TXIDarkAvenger1089d ago

I hope this happens. Don't let this series die!