Soul Sacrifice; Marketing Sacrificed?

A look at the Soul Sacrifice launch, and marketing in general for the PSVita.

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murdock552050d ago

crazy. when i picked up my pre-order of SS even the cashier guy said "oh you must picking up Soul Sacrifice huh? damn i wish it was on ps3 or 360".if there was no copy in the store that means that they was sold out lol. and SS sell's are still counting.

teflontactics2049d ago

Actually, I talked to the cashiers and they had them, but they weren't putting them out (I bought one at the mom n' pop location, actually). There wasn't even the words "Soul Sacrifice" anywhere visible in either store that wasn't displaying the game.

imahustla192050d ago

Sony really does under advertise everything. It's sad.

himdeel2050d ago

SONY hasn't advertised anything since the PS4 :/

VirginiaFats2050d ago

Look at all the advertising the Wii U is doing. Is it really helping? No, so stop expecting anyone else to waste their time and money to see the same results with a device with close to the same install base.

At least Sony is smart enough to save their money instead of trying use it on marketing that really isn't going to make a bid difference right now the devices current situation.

PSP did just fine also most the games on it were never advertised heavily either.

izumo_lee2049d ago

This gen Sony's way of advertising is 'word of mouth' from the consumers. Sometimes it works & sometimes it doesn't.

Would it be nice to see Sony advertise like they use to...remember the Crash Bandicoot ones?, or the insane FF VII movie-like ads? Yeah Sony is capable of doing that but after losing so much on the PS3 i understand the need to cut back on advertising until the company is stable again.