Project CARS interview: The community-developed rival to Forza and GT

VVV: "The game Slightly Mad Studios is creating using this model is Project CARS, a racing game aiming to cover every aspect of motorsport, from karting to Formula One. CARS' astonishing graphics have caught the attention of racing fans throughout the world, with the game expected to release in 2014 for the PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii-U.

We spoke to Creative Director, Andy Tudor, to uncover the secrets of the title and its unusual development process."

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mayberry2049d ago

Fan input in development of a racing simple seems to me to be a smart move. Also, the use of high-tech visual computing is, of course, great! I liked the response, "the same techniques and features that are used in movie CGI - tone mapping, global specular irradiance, volumetric clouds and so on". looks great so far.

weirdo2049d ago

why on current gen? madness

R6ex2049d ago

Afraid the PS4 version looks nicer then the PC?

novcze2049d ago

your comment doesn't make sense, he obviously wants pCARS on next-gen consoles

lilbroRx2049d ago

From what I've seen, its far beyond rivaling either of those games.

novcze2049d ago

We need Project CARS on PS4 and ASAP.
If GT6 is PS3 title, they can attract lots of people to PS4 and pCARS game, because it will look generation ahead of anything on PS3 (GT6 included).