Super Mario Bros.: The Movie Returns to Theaters for 20th Anniversary Screening

The live-action adaptation Super Mario Bros. movie will be screened at the NuArt Theatre in Los Angeles, CA on Friday, May 24.

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zeal0us2050d ago

Whoever thought this was good idea need to shot.....with a poisonous mushroom.

Godmars2902050d ago

Shooting them with a fireball would be better.

Or make them eat the mushroom.

zeee2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

Oh! As much as the movie sucked, the song HOCUS POCUS by Roxette is incredible! If you like 80s and 90s songs, you are going love it! tgKBUA

LOL_WUT2050d ago

Whoever thought of this idea should have to go through the torture of watching it. ;)

Software_Lover2050d ago

They need to be publicly humiliated first.

adorie2050d ago

Shooting is too good! Break out.. The Bom-ombs!

fr0sty2050d ago

They did to Super Mario what Michael Bay tried to do to TMNT. Butchered the storyline of a beloved to the far-beyond-ridiculous level. They didn't have the tech to have a convincing looking King Koopa, so he becomes some humanoid descendant of a T-rex that has somehow evolved to look like Dennis Hopper with a bad haircut?

This movie was garbage... So bad I can't even watch it for a laugh. I just start crying.

flyingmunky2050d ago

Bob Hoskins has spoken critically of Super Mario Bros., saying that it was "the worst thing I ever did" and that "the whole experience was a nightmare" in a 2007 interview with The Guardian.[16] In another interview with The Guardian, Hoskins answered Super Mario Bros. to three of the questions he was asked, "What is the worst job you've done," "What has been your biggest disappointment," and "If you could edit your past, what would you change?"[17]
John Leguizamo also admitted in 2007 that he too disliked his role as Luigi in the film, and expressed dissatisfaction with the film's direction. He also said in his biography that both he and Bob Hoskins did not enjoy working on the film, frequently getting drunk to go through it, knowing that it would turn out bad.[18]
Dennis Hopper was also disparaging of the production, "It was a nightmare, very honestly, that movie. It was a husband-and-wife directing team who were both control freaks and wouldn't talk before they made decisions. Anyway, I was supposed to go down there for five weeks, and I was there for 17. It was so over budget.

^^Perspective courtesy of Wiki

3-4-52050d ago

this movie is not good...I've seen it like 5-6 times over the years...not sure but it's not good.

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Magnus2050d ago

I thought April Fools day was over. Someone must have lost a bet or was really drunk or stoned to come up with this idea. This is one of those movies you want to forget like Street Fighter or the ET game on Atari.

SilentNegotiator2050d ago

"The Room" gets screened sometimes, too.

It's for pretentious people that want to watch a terrible movie and laugh at it.

Y_51502050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

Now in 3D! jk
Yeah this was a movie that should have been "straight to DVD"

RmanX10002050d ago

Well it wouldn't have sold very well.

ACESupERIC2050d ago

Actually when this was released it would have went straight to vhs.

darkhitman2050d ago

my friend its straight to VHS i think in this case

WeAreLegion2050d ago

Haha. Awesome. Yes, it's a ridiculous movie, but it's SO entertaining. I don't classify this as a bad film.

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