Top 10 GBA Games that Need to Come to Wii U VC

Glacier928: "Nintendo has finally rolled out the Virtual Console service for the Wii U and they’ve mentioned that we will see GBA and N64 titles hit the service in the near future. For this Top 10, I’ve decided to look back at some GBA classics that I feel would make a perfect fit for the Wii U VC service."

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Vegivo1450d ago

Circle of the moon and the other GBA castlevania games plz :D

DivineAssault 1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

HELL YES! All the sonics, golden suns, & drill dozer please.. (the rumble would work on the gamepad just like the cart did)

Animavicion1449d ago

megman and bass, WarioWare Inc. and Golden Sun. :)

Kingthrash3601449d ago

gba games on wiiu? not what I want on a 400$ machine. how about some gc games.

PopRocks3591449d ago

Am I the only one who still thinks it's odd that the Wii U is getting GBA games while half of the 3DS ambassador games were from the GBA?

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The story is too old to be commented.