Free expansions and exciting new features coming to DUST 514

I break down what was revealed about the future of DUST 514 at this years EVE FanFest. A look at the next 12 months, post 18 months and years down the line are touched upon. DUST 514 is a free-to-play PS3 exclusive which interacts with the 10 year old spaceship MMO EVE Online.

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jdktech20101968d ago

All I remember about this game when I played the PS Plus beta last year was it was hard as hell to aim in. I'm not some shooter god or anything but it just felt unpolished and hard to control. Has it gotten any better in that respect in the last year?

Temporary1968d ago

MUCH better...MUCH MUCH better. When I played the closed beta when it first released i was completely turned off by the game...but with every update since then theyve fixed a lot of what was wrong and continue to try and fix things.

I'm happy with the game needless to say.

jdktech20101966d ago

Thanks for the update. I might give it a shot sometime soon.

Vengeance11381968d ago

It's an entirely different beast than last year... no complaints from last years build are valid anymore.

r211968d ago

The final test, dont let me down CCP.