Top Six Characters that Need to Come Out of Retirement

Pato Banton sang a song with UB40 – Baby Come Back. There are plenty of video game characters who have been retired for one reason or another. Some of them we would like to see again. If absence makes the heart fonder, then I am as fond of these characters as I can be. So please join me as we explore the Top Six Characters that Need to Come Out of Retirement. Maybe just maybe someone out there reading can help bring these characters back.

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Magnus2021d ago

Throw in Battle Toads, Lost Vikings, Bucky O'Hare, Blasto, Parappa the Rapper and Dart from Legend of Dragoon.

minimur122021d ago

I love it when someone takes it for the team, lol bubbleup!

DatNJDom812021d ago

Strider Hiryu. Not in a fighting game, but I mean his own full blown game.

peanut722021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

Nice list Magnus. :)

elitemulk2021d ago

Abe, the green monkey thing that was on playstation, i played that years ago when i wasnt into puzzles, that game would be awesome on my samsung galaxy.

SegaGamer2021d ago

Loved Shining force and i always did wonder where the main hero ended up, they need to make a sequel to that game.

I think it would be good to bring back Jazzy Jackrabbit, those games were great fun.

SegaGamer2021d ago

What am i talking about, they did make a sequel to Shining Force :P What i meant was they should make a sequel to the story.

peanut722021d ago

A compilation of Shining Force III would be nice. Since we only got part one of that game in the States.

But yeah some kind of a sequel to the franchise would be appreciated. :)

2021d ago
mook10222021d ago

The one game that came to mind was Blaster Master!


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