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Valve’s experimental psychologist discusses sweat detection and eye tracking for games

At the NeuroGaming conference, Valve's Mike Ambinder describes how to incorporate a gamer's biofeedback reaction into game play. (Left 4 Dead 2, PC, Portal 2, Tech, Valve)

Sadie2100  +   434d ago
I have my own sweat-detection technology. I'm good.
Blacktric  +   433d ago
It'll be useful for waiting for any Half Life 3 related announcement this summer.

I'm pretty sure they'll make it a social experiment and do something like; "the more people sweat the faster we will reveal HL 3".
davidfca  +   434d ago
Shades of the old Atari Mindlink! (well, in fact, no, not really.)
Axonometri  +   433d ago
Super Duper Doo! How about making a game?
AKS  +   433d ago
Finally a positive story about video games and a psychologist. A few fame-hungry lunatics and charlatans tend to make my entire profession look bad. Not all of us are out to destroy video games.
jon1234  +   433d ago
they should also work on making a game detect when your heart rate goes up, i know ive had several games to that to me during certain moments :)
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NegativeCreepWA  +   433d ago
Gabe has actually mentioned that previously with eye tracking.
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jon1234  +   433d ago
cool, imagine the game changing because your body is more amped up than normal! so many possibilities
NegativeCreepWA  +   433d ago
yeah, L4D would be the perfect game to showcase that type of tech. A while back he on about how bio-metrics will be the future, not motion controls.
fsfsxii  +   433d ago
Ninja Gaiden sigma 2 on hard mode had me sweatin all over my room

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