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Submitted by Lavalamp 1008d ago | opinion piece

Time Extend: Final Fantasy XII

EDGE: "No other game series divides quite like Final Fantasy. As with Mario and Ryu, its name is so linked with its genre that your affection or dislike towards one is tied to that of the other, and the Japanese RPG is something everyone loves to love or loves to hate. Detractors argue that the series’ showboating technical advances bear false witness to underlying mechanics that should have been consigned to the scrapheap long ago. Worse, while the characters and details of each release may vary, the basics never yield to progress or changes in taste, a stubbornness that’s both unattractive and unfashionable." (Final Fantasy XII, PS2)

ShugaCane  +   1008d ago
When FF XII came out, people complained because it looked like a MMO with the new combat system and the open world. When FF XIII came out, people complained because it was too linear. Morality : People like complaining. (but I do agree with the fact 13 was not memorable at all)

Anyway, FF XII is to me one of the best RPGs of the previous generation. The graphics, the gameplay, the gambits/Licence Board, the huge landscapes, the incredibly fascinating lore. I loved everything about that game, and I was happy when I played Xenoblade because it reminded me of it a lot. I really hope the next FF will be as memorable as this one.
Godmars290  +   1008d ago
You point is invalid: fewer people bought FF12 than earlier entries in the series, as they failed to buy FF13 which was especially bad because the game was on two platforms.

So the real moral is: people who complain about things they buy stop buying what they're complaining about.

Also you seem to be showing a lack of understanding or appreciation of story. Equate FF12 meandering political setting which had little to do with saving a world, where Xenoblade dealt with a genocidal conflict which had been going on before the beginning of the world it took place on.
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TopDudeMan  +   1008d ago
FFXII's story was just ridiculously confusing and I didn't care about it at all. But I loved the actual game.
ShugaCane  +   1008d ago
I never said Xenoblade reminded me of FF XII because of its story. It's more because of the sense of freedom and the wide and open environments.
yoshiroaka  +   1008d ago
final fantasy 12 was great!
wishingW3L  +   1008d ago
the morality should be that people like different things... But most FF fans are in for the story and characters and FF12 had a very boring one while FF13 was a total mess and even worse when it came to the gameplay. Because FF13 wasn't just "too linear" it was literally a tube until you got to Pulse and then back to the tube again. So don't even try to spin this fact!

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Pyrrhus  +   1008d ago
Ill have to agree that FF12 was one of the best RPGs in the previous generation but I didnt really like it to begin with. It really began to grow on me though when I played through it a second time.
dedicatedtogamers  +   1008d ago
FF12 is the best FF game in my eyes, with the exception of FF6 or Tactics (which isn't the "main" series I suppose).

It finally gave us the political/racial storyline that we'd needed for quite a long while instead of the same old "the world's most angsty and unique snowflake is gonna save us all!" plot. It finally gave us customization of our characters not only in their abilities but even their behavior in combat (which unfortunately was only fully realized in Zodiac).

Oh yeah. And it gave us freedom. You enjoy the "old" turn-based battles of Final Fantasy? NEWS FLASH: you can do that in FF12 by setting some incredibly basic options (no, I'm not talking about Gambits). You enjoy tapping "X" a hundred times to plow your way through enemies? Okay, go ahead. However, for those of us who were bored with those conventions, FF12 also allowed us to completely customize our party so that we could breeze through the grindy areas and focus on the good stuff.

Also, best cast of characters since FF6. Everyone rags on Vaan and Penelo except for those who were smart enough to realize they were the side-characters of the story.
booni3  +   1008d ago
Agreed, FFXII was superb.
MaideninBlack  +   1008d ago
The main problem I had with FFXII wasn't the gameplay, it was the story. It was lacking and really gave me no reason to continue playing. But I finished it anyway but never touched it again.

The characters were all bland, boring and meh,except Balthier, I think is his name.

The Aeons were..different but just as uninteresting as 5/6 of the party members.
Nerdmaster  +   1008d ago
I'm playing the zodiac version, and I don't think I really agree that gameplay wasn't a problem. I'm like 10 hours into the game and the game is playing itself. Once I set the gambits and turn on the "L1 mode" (in the zodiac version it doubles the speed of the game), I just move around and characters do their thing without any help. Even for the bosses, I change a gambit or two, and I don't have to do anything. After some hours, it gets very boring.

But I'm trying to finish it. In my list of non-MMORPG and non-NES FF games, only FF 12 and 7 are left for me to finish, and I plan to finish them both, as much as I suffer while doing it.
dedicatedtogamers  +   1008d ago
How is that any different than 97% of JRPGs?

At least FF12 was self-conscious enough to realize that it was better to automate pointless battles (and also let you avoid them altogether) instead of tapping "X" seventy times a minute every time a random battle interrupted your exploration.

I can respect it if you simply didn't enjoy the game. However, I think it was a wakeup call to people that the JRPG genre needed a change, and FF12 was a step in the right direction.
PHOSADRA  +   1008d ago
Final Fantasy XII did something that no other final fantasy has been able to make me do....Go look for a fight.
Usually I run or try to avoid petty encounters unless I needed to level up, but I enjoyed the battle system so much, I actually didn't mind getting interrupted during my travels.

I found the battle system to be really fun, and though I didn't really care for the story, I thought the game was what Final Fantasy was supposed to be. Big open world and once you progress far enough, full scale exploration whenever you want.
I mean even some of the smaller areas of the world would swallow the calm lands of FF X, and the environments were more detailed.

The only 2 down sides are the story and unfamiliar battle system. I didn't like the battle at first, but when I picked the game up again, I began to love it.

The gambit system is great, it gives you so much control over your party members, its almost as if you're directly controlling them yourself, I believe its more efficient than the paradigm shifting of FF XIII.
elitemulk  +   1008d ago
awesome game, played it over and over, fantastic battle system, massive depth to the game once you disregarded the story it was amazing.
DA_SHREDDER  +   1008d ago
oh no, i hope all this ff12 talk isn't deliberate.
chikane  +   1008d ago
nope i hope SE focuses on making new ff games
Sharius  +   1008d ago
IMO, FF12 have one of the best combat system and stragesty of all mainstreams FF game, anf when it turn from normal versrion to zodiac job system, it's like holy sh*t best game ever

most of teenage think is bad because they arent interest and don't understand politice theme of the story so they are ignore the best part of the game, the gameplay

i don't know if im the only one here wish instead of make the FF10 HD they make the FF12 ZJS HD
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   1008d ago
FF12 is nothing but a FF11 offline. Which isnt a bad thing imo.
Ninja_G_Aidan  +   1007d ago
FF12 was brilliant but it didn't feel like a FF game at all, if you know what I mean.

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