Metal Gear Solid The Legacy Collection Info - Japanese price, release and boxart revealed

Konami has launched a Japanese website for Metal Gear Solid The Legacy Collection. They showed the boxart as well as the release date and price for that region.

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MultiConsoleGamer1358d ago

Can't wait! Going to spend the summer reliving the series.

sengoku1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

it's cheaper than i thought, i'm getting this!

ScubaSteve11358d ago

so much for importing it on play-asia

PlayBox3601358d ago Show
2pacalypsenow1358d ago

Any U.S release date info?

Soldierone1358d ago

80 dollars, geez. That art book better be worth it.

It's basically the HD collection with two extra games, neither of which needed to be re-done in HD.

Ravenor1357d ago

To be fair, that's a great looking collection. Far better than the Zone of Enders HD collectors edition.

I can't think of a better game to send off the PS3 with than MGS4 (Okay maybe The Last of US. :p )

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