MMOGames: Is Neverwinter Worth Your Time?

Neverwinter just launched it’s open beta and – like most popular launches – server issues and long queues abound. So is it worth actually making the effort to get in right now?

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zeal0us2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

Most PWE games are "Borderline Pay to Win" sadly. Given that NW said to be soft launching(due to budget) its only a matter of time before PWE destroys the game with a unbalance cash shop just to make $$$.

Given the MMOs that are suppose to come out this year PWE will have tough time. They already are having a tough time with RaiderZ. Diago and Chimera servers isn't as populated as it used to be.

Xristo2049d ago

Yes it is. I'm having a blast so far. It isn't "pay to win" but it is definitely "pay for convenience." The "Foundry" (user made/submitted quests) is an awesome feature!