GTAV: All Weapons we know (pictures)

As Rockstar promised us Grand Theft Auto V will contain many weapons more than any GTA IV ,we analysed the trailers to figured how many weapons will be found ,and yes we found almost 20 weapons sure it s not the number that rockstar talking about.

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DeadManMcCarthy2045d ago

I hope there's more melee selection this time. I was really disappointed that GTA IV only had a pool cue, knife and baseball bat.

The Meerkat2045d ago

Yeah we need the big dildo back.

zebramocha2045d ago

And a katana,fire axe,hatchet,tire iron,meat cleaver,crow bar,dual knuckleduster regular and electrified,lever guns,revolver,anti materiel weapons,50bmg,14.5mm rifles,20mm rifles and various grenade launchers.

2044d ago