Addressing Video Game Violence

The media's quest for easy answers does no one any favors.

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zeal0us2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

Videogames will continue to be used as scapegoats when problems arise. The media want to find someone to point the finger and guess who's the easiest target? That's right videogames.

Yodagamer2022d ago

People always blame the most relevant media, it's easy since alot of people don't want to take responsibility. Miyamoto put it best when he said "Video games are bad for you? That's what they said about rock and roll"

2022d ago
weekev152022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

Video game violence is not the issue here. The problem is that crap parents use video games to babysit their kids instead of spending time with them. This leads to very little human interaction, creating introverted sociopathic individuals.

Im not sayin parents should force their kids to come and play catch with them but when the way they meet up is online playin cod instead of bein outside climbing trees, playin football, goin to the park. It means they lack some important interpersonal skills which have potential to create the type of sociopathic behaviour folks try and pin on games.

Im also not sayin that people shouldnt play games but i think folks under 16 should have a limit.

Ravenor2021d ago

Bingo, my good chum.

Growing up we would spend probably to much time playing games, but a good chunk of that time was also spent playing Ball Hockey or Baseball. I think it's also worth pointing out that at a younger age I spent a lot more time playing games with another person than by myself.

Anyways, get outside and do shit.

Soldierone2022d ago

Lets keep this a secret here at N4G, I don't want the media to find out about what I'm about to say. It might make them look extremely stupid and force politicians to rethink their scape goat. Ready?

Violence happened long before video games were even invented AT ALL!

Who knew right? Thanks to this very important fact, all of us here at N4G are way smarter than every politician and media company! Like I said, don't tell them though. They get angry when you make them look stupid.

Max-Zorin2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

Most importantly keep it a secret from that idiot Jack Thompson.

Ravenor2021d ago

I'm in shock, so much so that I think you're lying. Mass Effect also turns kids into perverts, how do you explain that mister fancy pants!?

Typical-Guy2022d ago

Blaming video games for violence because of AN IRRESPONSIBLE PARENT bought an 18 rated game for a kid..... Nice!

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