50 Hottest Cosplay Girls

This is a list article on Arcade Sushi featuring 50 of the hottest cosplayers dressed up as video game characters ranging from Final Fight's Poison to some of League of Legends' most popular champions.

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Dark_Overlord1902d ago

50 Seperate pages?

No thanks :/

majiebeast1902d ago

Its only 50 pages... /s Cant we just ban these articles i can get 5 pages but 50 is far passed overkill.

zeee1901d ago

Mellina and second CAMY are ridiculously hot!

shivvy241901d ago Show
ChrisW1902d ago

50 separate pages is quite ridiculous!

If you insist on look at all 50 girls, use an ad blocker so that he doesn't get a penny from you clicking on his site.

llMurcielagoll1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

Yes! Steal the original article's thunder! :P They wont be getting much hits now, good riddance. 50 pages...

I should get someone to introduce whoever made this article to a little thing called AJAX!

Septic1902d ago

Respect to you! You deserve to get two bubbles for that.

I went to an anime expo here in London and omg was the standard absolutely terrible. I didn't see any fit cosplayers, just really spotty girls (a lot with b.o. *ugh....shrugs*) wielding 'free hugs' placards.

llMurcielagoll1902d ago

@Septic, the next time you go to one of these things, hug the placard xD


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famoussasjohn1901d ago

Site owner must really need the clicks.

ATi_Elite1901d ago

I normally don't click 50 pages but when I do I'm totally satisfied and Spent. Best 50 cosplay pictures EVER!

Asher Warr as Mileena is HOT
Marie-Claude Bourbonnais as Rainbow Mika OMFG HOT
Mono Abel as Mad Moxxi = EXCELLENT
Meagan Marie as Anya Stroud = AWESOME
Stella Shu as Ivy = Smoking
Yaya Han as Felicia = Ultra HOT

Lots of Cosplay Pics I've never seen and they are all DAM GOOD and GRADE AAA costumes.

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cyguration1902d ago

I wonder if this article will prompt a sequel for White Knight Chronicles?

banjadude1902d ago

The girl in the middle - HNNNNNG!

ChrisW1902d ago

Oh... you mean the photoshopped one? Er... wait... which photoshopped one?

banjadude1902d ago

When I original commented, I didn't go through the entire 50 pages yet. Anyways, I was referring to #50 (Rose Monster).

Also, wow... so many disagrees. Looks like I really angered some people. O_o

1Victor1902d ago

don't waste your time its a 51 clicks trap with average looking girls

FlyingFoxy1902d ago

Average are usually the best, not bitchy and demanding.

oNIXo1901d ago

Yeah. Take a 6-7, dress them up like a character from a vidya game, and bam! All the neck-beards think shes a 12.

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