Minimur, WTH Happened This Week? Wii U Hacked, Xbox Naming, Watch Dogs PS4 Dev Diary!

Hey guys! Plenty of stuff happened this week, so it’ll be a long read, but you can skip bits you’re not interested in if you like!

So what happened this week apart from what I’ve said in the title? Well Rockstar are having a competition for your face to be in GTA V, Watch_Dogs gets a release date, Xbox may be called Xbox Fusion and I’ll continue below.

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konnerbllb1657d ago

Who said xbox was named? They registered a few domains. That's hardly them naming a product.

DeadlyFire1657d ago

Its likely just a new service. TV + gaming = fusion?

SkyGamer1657d ago

AMD's new platform is called Fusion.

o-Sunny-o1657d ago

Fusion what? Fusing prices for Netflix, Amazon Video, or Hulu Plus. Instead of paying twice for an service maybe they fix it next gen...