Are you excited for Call of Duty: Ghosts?

The GameZone staff discusses the latest Call of Duty: Ghosts and whether or not there's reason to be excited.

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ape0072046d ago

on current engine: Meh

on Nextgen Engine...HELL YEAAA

Reverent2045d ago

Wow, people don't usually get bored of combos until like the tenth or so reply.

This time with good reason I suppose.

thechosenone2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

-Will it offer next-gen hit detection?
-Get rid of the peer2peer networking?
-Offer dedicated servers?

If not, then no. I am excited about Killzone:Shadow Fall, BF4, Destiny. All these games will offer dedicated servers and have near perfect hit detection, which is the only way FPS should be played. And as with this gen, next-gen the PS4 will once again have more FPS to choose from than the Xbox and I find that quite hilarious indeed.

unchartedxplorer2045d ago

Why all the disagrees! Please explain why you disagree.

MysticStrummer2045d ago

I won't get interested until I hear more about the game. The engine doesn't matter to me if it's still mostly the same old Call of Duty except prettier.

HammadTheBeast2045d ago


CoD has terribad noob-loving game play.

It's literally built on the fact that a noob must get kills, cause f*** everything else.

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Root2046d ago (Edited 2046d ago )

It really doesn't matter if it has a new engine....a new lick of paint and minor added features won't hide the fact it's going to be the SAME game yet AGAIN.

See this whole new engine thing is already tricking people into thinking it's all going to be brand new.

It's sad how many people will miss out on great games this year but will buy COD. I mean how many people will buy COD over Watchdogs for example

KaBaW2045d ago

I might end up picking up both games for next gen..
However, Watch Dogs is a definite pick up, for me, CoD.. is not.

narked2045d ago

thing is, the gameplay element of cod is great. it's fun to play and changing that formula may result in a game which is not that fun to play.

if they bring a new engine which can enhance surroundings, destruction (well currently there is none), and improve other elements alongside the way the game plays I think that it will be a great game.

SonyPS42045d ago

Or people buying both COD and Watchdogs? If they miss out on so many great games that is their choice. COD is something millions of people enjoy, and you are nobody to tell them they are wrong.

MysticStrummer2045d ago

People like what they like. I agree that Watchdogs would be my choice between the two, but CoD's sales are high because lots of people like that type of game. Many people don't want to come home from work or school to play a game that requires much thought or strategy. CoD is mindless and the masses like it that way.

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zeal0us2045d ago

If it follows the same formula as previous CoD titles: Nope

If it brings something new to the fps genre: Maybe but I won't get my hopes up.

abzdine2045d ago

As i said in another news, i'm only hyped and excited for Killzone: Shadow Fall. Over 2 years of work and it's giving a short preview of what next gen is about!

COD? Well if it's for a 4 hour SP and MP flooded by small kids i dont see why i should be excited.

ZigZagLagger2045d ago

-sigh- still playing catchup with PC gaming?

StraightPath2044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

credits to eliteslaya

"omg cod is so stupid, its always like da same thing every year"
"yea dood, da graphix are so bad, bf4 looks so amazing"

Don't act like you were never that guy. I was that guy once. And if you really weren't that guy, then, well...

Anywho, Call of Duty is the victim of the single largest love/hate relationship in gaming. It's accused of not innovating. Not updating the visuals. Doing little in the creative department. Then it sells 30 million a year.

But you must understand:
What would you do if your game made billions annually?
What would you do if your game was a cultural phenomenon?

You know what makes Call of Duty so popular? Everything you love to nitpick at.

Why haven't we seen a jump in Call of Duty's visuals?
Because people like, scratch that, love the ultra-smooth 60 frame 1080p gameplay.

Why hasn't the gameplay changed in five years?
Because the gameplay already set the standard and raised the bar five years ago. And no one's found the next great formula for gameplay.

So I ask again, what would you do if you were sitting on top of the Activision throne of gold? Would you drastically change the formula and risk your fanbase? Would you sacrifice the 60 frame 1080p goodness for better visuals at sub-HD resolution and 30 frames, resulting in slower gameplay and controls?

Hell no!

It's not like Call of Duty was always the juggernaut, and simply, the thing.

Activision wasn't just gifted by the gods with the next gaming phenomenon. They took risks. In fact they took what was probably the single largest risk this gen. They took the risk of creating a modern FPS in a market dominated by WWII shooters.

And look at the payoff.

Do you really blame them for doing little to change it up? And you know what, little change isn't even that bad for the franchise. For the most part, people like the same exact gameplay. It keeps people coming back. The experience that people love is preserved, with a fresh new coat of paint.

Activision made a smart move in ignoring the outcry for change. And now it will pay off. COD: Ghosts is taking advantage of the next generation hardware. If the leaks are true(Which is likely, considering they've been accurate thus far), it seems even the gameplay will be spiced up(At long last!).

Everything that makes COD the juggernaut that it currently is will be present in the next generation. And on top of that, it will make use of the new hardware. It will be prettier than ever. It will be as smooth as ever. It will be as fun as ever, maybe even more so. The best Arcade FPS on the market isn't going to be dying any time soon. And you shouldn't be discouraged by that.

It will help get the new consoles in more hands, which isn't easy, especially at the beginning of a new gen. We need Call of Duty to take the wheel for a bit and sell us some consoles. There will be more players. And what happens when there's more players? They buy more games. It doesn't even matter if it's Call of Duty that racks in the dough. The industry will keep itself afloat as long as phenomenons like Call of Duty exist. It needs to make money in order to survive.

If you don't enjoy Call of Duty, then so be it. To each their own. I'm not even a regular COD gamer. But sometimes, you must look at the glass half-full for a change. Call of Duty ain't so bad. There's better things out there to get mad about, like Aliens: Colonial Marines & Sarah Palin.

funny thing is the games that the haters play i.e shooters or third person shooters etc are influenced by COD.

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Ace_Pheonix2045d ago

Why bother with it when there's BF4 coming out? I may pick it up down the road if it has zombies, but other than that no thanks, I'm good.

That-Guy2045d ago

I'm curious, not excited.

Bimkoblerutso2045d ago

I'm with you...but then it doesn't really matter in the long run. CoD heads are CoD heads for life, it seems.

Walker2046d ago (Edited 2046d ago )

Yes, i am . Call of Duty is the best shooter in the industry right now !

abzdine2045d ago

question: how many shooters did you play for more than 5 minutes apart from COD?

MysticStrummer2045d ago

If highest selling = best then you're right. I don't think so though. Ask any book or movie aficionado what the best book or movie is and almost none will answer with a best selling title. Why gamers are different is an interesting question.

2046d ago