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Devil's Third is still in development

Itagaki recently celebrated his birthday with the staff of his company, Valhalla Game Studios.
A picture was posted on the official Valhalla Game Studios website with a message that indicated the much anticipated action game, Devil’s Third, is still in the works. (Devil's Third, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

xYLeinen  +   695d ago
Good to hear..

I expect to hear some more from Itagaki this upcoming E3, and I suspect we will get our hands on a demo even..
nukeitall  +   694d ago
I would love to get a demo. I can't wait for Itagaki's next game. The game sounds really bad ass!

Ninja Gaiden lost it's mojo after Itagaki left, but hey now we get a new ip hopefully.

Can't wait!!!
wishingW3L  +   695d ago
Venox2008  +   694d ago
very good :)
Jek_Porkins  +   694d ago
Good to hear, it sucks that Ninja Gaiden hasn't been the same since this guy left.
mricecreamman  +   694d ago
finally it's still in works, but the question is when??!!
TemplarDante  +   694d ago
I hope their aiming for next gen..
Anyways, Its been a while since I saw that Pizzagaki guy on N4G. Maybe he will magically apper when his alter Ego Tomunobu Itagaki makes the news lol.
Adolph Fitler  +   694d ago
I really hope it's good.
brother_zero  +   694d ago
Itagaki and Mikami are going to have to save the Japanese game scene with new IPs since nobody can touch their creativity.
Captain Qwark 9  +   694d ago
this will flop hard. im sure it will be great a great game and still sell well but its taking so long they cant possibly expect to make any profit on it as id be willing to bet development cost are crazy high at this point
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