The Last Guardian: What is Sony waiting for?

It is still to early to tell what Sony has in store for The Last Guardian.
All eyes are on Sony and how they intend to make this game well worth the wait.

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sherimae24132051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

i think its waiting for the ps4, ^_^

i really hope this game delivers and worth the long wait,
because its predecessors, ico and sotc are really one of a kind games that many considered as two of the great games of past gen
truly what i can call an art and a masterpiece, ^_^

bakasora2050d ago

They are waiting for FFvs13 to be released together. lol..

LOGICWINS2050d ago

Thats what people said about the last two E3s.

miyamoto2050d ago

yeah, people, whoever they are ... not Sony though

iamtehpwn2050d ago

Imagine at Sony's E3 they have Agent, The Last Guardian, and Final Fantasy Versus XIII--PS4 exclusive, coming within 12 months of Launch. Sony would be winning the console war before the first PS4 even touched the shelf.

LOGICWINS2050d ago

Could you explain your reasoning behind that? The part about how three games that we know next to nothing about will win the presumably 5-10 year "console war" for Sony...not taking into account any other variables such as the PS4's price and what the competition will have to offer.

iamtehpwn2050d ago


would be winning--not would win; I didn't mean they would determine the entire competitive cycle. It just means it'd be impossible for Microsoft to compete with having 3 heavy hitting titles like that in the first 12 months especially if you consider Final Fantasy brand name, PS4 exclusivity, and the PS Brand name in Japan.

Those 3 games would give Sony an extremely huge advantage and position them from the start to a commercially successful path over Microsoft.

LOGICWINS2050d ago

Well, if we're limiting this argument to Japan, then yes, of course the PS4 will have the early edge. 360 exclusives typically don't do well in Japan because they don't tend to appeal to Japanese consumers.

BABY-JEDI2050d ago

Well if not E3 2013, then maybe E3 2014. Sooner or later I'm sure it will appear at E3. Hopefully, for both PS3 & PS4. : )

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murdock552051d ago

it would be funny if the game actually sucks. all this hype for nothing. but thats "if". im more then interested in playing this game specually on the ps4. that $400 machine.

Godmars2902050d ago

Would be about as funny as when Too Human came out after its long wait. Which is to say such wouldn't be at all funny. Just sad that all the work put into lead to such poor results.

ssj272050d ago

Why will a gamer wish a game from the makers of two master piece games, art.. to fail?

Right you are not a gamer.. get out of here.

murdock552050d ago

did i say "wish for it to fail"? no i didnt. i said it would be funny if it sucked and i quoted "IF" and i see everybody else that disagreed really cant read. lol. so please dont put words in my mouth like a pissed off female that lost an argument.

-Gespenst-2050d ago

I can see them releasing it on the Ps3 and Ps4, which would be annoying. I'd be able to afford TLG, but I'd imagine TLG AND a Ps4 would set me back a bit (I'm definitely not going to get a Ps4 until at least a year after it's released, unless I get a job), and I wouldn't want to feel short-changed by buying the Ps3 version. They should just release it on the Ps3.

Perhaps Mr.Ueda's perfectionism has made the game a development nightmare?

theDECAY2050d ago

You should get a job, that's what most of us "normals" do.

KwietStorm2050d ago

You basically just said they should only make a PS3 version to specifically suit your needs. Needs, being ironic when you openly admit you don't have a job.

-Gespenst-2050d ago

In the middle of a masters degree and a dissertation. I really don't have time, but hopefully I'll be able to get one soon. In the meantime I'm perfectly willing to accept that I probably won't be able to buy a Ps4 until long after it's been released, I'm not desperate. All I'm really saying is that it seems like a bad idea to release an inferior version of such a hyped game into which went a hell of a lot of work. How many people would just buy the Ps3 version because they can't afford a Ps4 and the game? Seems like it might go under-appreciated because of that. Either have it exclusive to the Ps3 or exclusive to the Ps4, not both, I think that would really hurt the game's reception and appreciation.

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