My Dream Wii U First Party Sequel Line Up Every Nintendo fan has their favourite first party franchises. For me there hasn’t been a better first party line up than Gamecube’s. Here's what I want to see on Wii U.

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ShugaCane2049d ago

Metroid Prime 4 would be my number one choice, I was really expecting to see it on the list. To me it's the finest of Nintendo's first party franchises, along with Zelda.

socks2049d ago

The first MP was great. Then two lousy sequels. Even the devs of the trilogy admit this.

If you want another MP ask for a reboot.

PopRocks3592049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

The devs never admitted anything like that. One member of the creative team said "I think everything we do sucks." He was saying that he was harsh on his own work, not that he thought that the Prime trilogy in particular was bad. Don't take it out of context.

As for the sequels, Prime 2 was underrated; it had far more exploration while 3 had less exploration and more action. Both were great in their own ways even if they were not quite on par with the first game.

socks2048d ago


What bothers me is how you can noticeably see a decline in the quality of the series across the 3 games and yet you still defend it. They never improved on their original formula and imo the whole thing was stale within the first few hours of starting the 2nd one.

A reboot lets them reimagine the story and gameplay. You guys just want your sequels while I want them to tackle the reality which is the games (after #1) are dull and repetitive. I believe this applies to Kingdom Hearts as well.

Myst2049d ago

A person after my own heart, glad to see F-Zero is on the list now I just hope that Nintendo knows other people want this game as well...

from the beach2049d ago

Pilotwings would be a good one to bring back.. 3D Donkey Kong?

PygmelionHunter2049d ago

I would kill(ok no) to see Golden Sun by Camelot on the Wii U rather than 3DS for as unlikely as it sounds.

sitharrefus2049d ago

Battalion wars 3, metroid prime 4, dk64 sequel, f-zero. Didnt mention other nintendo games cause im sure they are coming.
I would like to see advance wars on wii u , I think the tablet can be a great controller.