Xbox Video Awards winners announced

Microsoft recently revealed the winners from the 2013 Xbox Video Awards, as voted on by fans. Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn was named the best video game movie while The Expendables 2 was called the Most Egregious Level of Testosterone. Here is a full list of winners.

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KrisButtar2050d ago

I was wondering why I never heard of these, but it is their 1st time doing these awards. Sons of Anarchy and Fringe didn't win anything which is a bummer

azazel6652049d ago

Fringe kind of got a little crazy in the last couple of seasons. I loved that show but kinda didn't like it at the end.

KrisButtar2049d ago

ya I know what you mean. I think its because they tried to finish up all the loose ends before the last show, if it had been renewed for another season or 2 it likely wouldn't have been such a crazy ride