Game ratings under more scrutiny

Game ratings are under increased scrutiny following the decision to give Manhunt 2 an 18 certificate in the UK.

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Yi-Long3655d ago

... Bible? Thoughout the centuries has directly led to millions of deaths and wounded, and caused violence and hate ever since it was written.

Koran? Same thing.

... but yeah, perfectly fine to give every young kid their own Bible/Koran/Torah, but ow dear if they happen to play a violent videogame, cause after all, we all know how many murders have a direct link toa violent videogame, right!? (!)

I'm not saying the Bible or the Koran should be banned or anything, or that Manhunt 2 should be played by 8 year old kids.
I just really hate the hypocrisy and populistic BS that's involved in this whole matter...

IF you want to ban or censor videogames because you fear it might lead people to more hate and violence, while there is hardly any relationship proven between videogames and real-life incidents, than you should also want a ban on these 'holy books', which have been PROVEN to instill hate and intolerance in some of it's followers, which have lead to wars, killings, attacks, etc.

Mikey_Gee3655d ago

I hope they look VERY CLOSE and revamp the system and force it to be more strict on retailers and to whom they sell. Also make parents VERY AWARE of what they are buying and the negative influence it may have.

WHY you may ask is this my take on the topic??

Simple, if it a hard fast "ADULT - 18+" rating (for example), then devs know their audience better and trust that the violent, sexual, shock factor they can now LEGALLY put into the games will be in the correct hands (much like a skin mag, porn movie or hardcore violent film, hardcore music CD) and be able to push the limit knowing that ADULTS are the ones playing the games ... NOT KIDS due to the fact the LAW should prevent retails or anyone from buying these rated games for kids under 18.

And as for these games getting into the hands of kids, well, that is no different than kids getting their hands on a porn flick, skin mag, hardcore violent movie, smokes, or booze. THE LAW AND RATING GUIDLINES WILL BE IN PLACE ... and those who fall outside are breaking it (ie parents buying violent game for under age kid) and should be treated no diffent them if buying smokes or renting a skin flick for a minor.

DO NOT PUNISH THE ADULTS. Me being 34 would like to see the limit in regards to sex, violence, etc be pushed even more.

Just my two cents.

Yi-Long3655d ago

... why not just let parents themself decide how they wanna raise their kids.
I'm 31 myself, and if my 14 year old kid has been raised properly, knows the difference between right and wrong, real or fiction, etc etc... and GTA7 is a great game, than I would have no problems letting him play it, cause I know it wont affect his personality.

Just like I feel that porn doesnt turn normal people into rapists or anything like that, if the upbringing has been good and open and honest.

In fact, I feel that it is censorship that is causing lots of trouble. People being ashamed about their feelings, emotions, sexual preferences, etc. Getting frustrated, unaccepted, misunderstood, neglected, etc.

I think as a parent you should just have an open and honest relationship with your kids, tell them all about the world, not just the good stuff, but also the bad stuff, or the stuff no-one likes talking about, etc.
And most of all, just teach them respect. Self-respect, respect for others, etc.

When you do a proper job as a parent, a videogame or movie or comicbook or holy book or pornflick isnt going to change someone's personality.

I feel politicians shouldnt be so hypocrite, and instead they should focus on the real issues. Cause fact is, videogame-related violence IS NOT an issue.

There's more violence connected to football, school, religion, music, social groups, etc etc, than there is connected to videogames. It's not an issue, but politicians make it an issue because housemoms are shifting the blame away from their bad parenting onto an easy scapegoat: videogames.

jinn3655d ago

Manhunt 2 out of all the games out there???