Gamer Gossip: Call of Duty Ghosts, GTA V Controversy, and more!

Ooo! Gossip is so juicy when it’s regarding a popular franchise! This week, The Koalition featured an editorial that highlighted Rockstar’s decision to exclude a female character in GTA V. With all the controversy on this topic, you’d think this would be a bigger issue. Also in this video, check out Electro Jade’s view on Call of Duty: Ghosts, and the top new releases of this week.

Game on!

- Electro Jade

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LOGICWINS2049d ago

I wouldn't mind a female protagonist for a GTA game if done right. The issue is that Rockstar has little to gain from doing so. The fact that 47% of gamers are women in an industry where 90%(or more) of game protagonists are male speaks volumes to how unconcerned people are about the issue.

It's similar to how the majority of gamers are minorities, yet we aren't overly distressed that most protagonists are early 30s dark haired white guys. As a Latino playing a game, I've never said to myself "Oh, I can't play as a white guy! How could I ever relate to him?"

Similarly, I can't imagine many women not playing a game simply because they can't play as their gender.

Again, female protagonists are brilliantly implemented in games like Mass Effect and Saints Row, so it COULD work in GTA. Theres just not a big enough outcry for it yet.

gedapeleda2049d ago

Where did you get these numbers that 47% of gamers are women? I could not believe it in any way,out of all the people I know, only 1 girl games. I'm not calling women who play angry birds or sometimes give a try at some console game gamers.

ElectroJade2049d ago

I mentioned the statistic in my video. It is part of ESA's 2012 statistics regarding gamer demographics:

FriedGoat2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

But what it fails to mention, is that it is including crappy facebook games, Phone games.

I hate the fact you can be called a gamer now for downloading Draw something on your phone.
It's like saying if I play monopoly a lot I'm also a gamer! We need to start separating this because they are two completely different things.

If you took out those statistics, you would probably end up with about 10% or something like that, realistically, why would you want to cater to that?

NukaCola2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

I would love if Pam Grier would voice a black cop in the 70s. Im talking a big afro and truly a coffy meets foxy brown jive vibe. She'd be great. It would probably be more a cop based open world and not a GTA per say but would still be awesome. Only issue is her roles seem heavy LA and we've played that out a lot. Maybe they could do a San Andreas Stories for the Vita and focus on her in a different time period.

BanBrother2049d ago

That statistic is complete and utter bulls**t, no offense.

Never seen my mother play a game in her life until she got a touch-phone. Every now and then I catch her on it. She would be considered a gamer under that survey LMFAO.

Maybe they should show the percentage of female gamers who play on an Xbox/PS3 or more specifically a game like GTA. I'd be willing to bet 90% are male.

ElectroJade2049d ago

Actually, you may be right. ESRB also have statistics regarding the gamer demographic:

In 2010, 80% of female gamers had the Wii console as their primary gaming platform. These statistics are definitely outdated now, but it definitely helps us understand more about the common female gamer.

That being said, female PC/PS3/Xbox gamers are not a rare entity.

Anthotis2049d ago

One of the more laughable comments i've read on N4G.

Unfortunately, developers will have no choice but to bend over for people like this, because they tend to scream and cry the loudest.

nix2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

i loved Heavenly Sword and i have no problem with the female protagonist... GTA should have a female protagonist as an option. having said that GTAIV was crap so i'll be staying away from GTAV. Sorry.

ElectroJade2049d ago

Some people disliked GTA IV for being 'too realistic.' Is that why you didn't like it as well? I'm curious to understand your viewpoint, as I thought it was an excellent game.

Also, I agree as well. Heavenly Sword is a great game.

fei-hung2049d ago

I haven't been able to get into any of the GTA's, but GTA IV more so than any other because it forced me to play really horrible girlfriend missions and dragged the game out.

The biggest problem I found in GTA games is that it is always the Jack of all but never the master at anything:

1) driving gameplay - average
2) shooting mechanics - average
3) fight mechanics - average
4) graphics - average
5) extras - average

take any other major sandbox game and you will realise they will Focus on two or more things that tweak those elements of gameplay to near perfection:

1) assassins creed - platforming and combat
2) sleeping dogs - free running and combat
3) yakuza - combat
4) just cause - graphics, destruction and shooting

GTA only has one things going for it:

1) brand name

It is only an opinion, but I have found many people feel that way after they have tried other sand box games and compared them to GTA, but the brand name has kept them going back for more.

nix2049d ago

i don't know i found GTAIV too realistic. i just got bored really easily. i probably finished 33% of the game, in doing so i put in 30 odd hours after that i just got bored. i used to drive the bus around to entertain myself.

it was nothing compared to those PS2 era games.

unchartedxplorer2049d ago

Having a female protaganist in GTA would be a massive waste of time. Most of the GTA fans are male. I get what you are saying with the optional female protag, but I would prefer it if Rockstar puts more money and resources into making the game as polished and as awesome as they can.
Tbh I think Rockstar we're a bit disappointed with GTA IV as well. To be fair on Rockstar it was resonably early in the generation so they couldn't really take advantage of the hardware.

Cryptcuzz2048d ago

If it would be a waste of time for the main game, maybe they can add that in as a DLC and everyone wins.

Most male gamers who play the game would be happy, female gamers wanting to play the game can then buy the DLC if they choose to rather play a female protagonist.

llMurcielagoll2049d ago

I was about to comment the same thing, except it wasn't a question and it was rather a statement lol.

KillrateOmega2049d ago

But is it really that big of deal when you can't play as a character who shares your race, gender, and/or ethnicity? You'll be playing as human being most of the time, so you'll always be able to relate to them on some level.

I'd think that most gamers would have a mindset similar to my own. I only care about the gameplay. I don't care about the specifics of my characters race, gender, or ethnicity.

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