The Top 5 Games we want to see on the Xbox 720 - onPause

onPause writes:

On May 21st the Xbox ‘Durango’, ’720′, ‘Infinity’ or whatever the name will be, is going to be shown to the world and with it some of the next generation games. Of course we know that Activision and Infinity ward will be showing Call of Duty Ghosts for the first time but not much else.

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Speed-Racer1393d ago

Thoroughly enjoyed the DiRT series. Hoping it makes an appearance.

mcroddi1393d ago

This is quite a good list I think and man, yes I want to see a new DiRT!

brandonw001393d ago

I want another Destroy All Humans!

WeAreLegion1393d ago

Good stuff. I REALLY want a Crackdown 3, done right. 2 was a bit of a letdown. :/

Max-Zorin1392d ago

I wanna see Lost Odyssey 2.

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