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Don’t give up on the Wii U quite yet

Despite it’s slow releases and ho-hum reception from a lot of mainstream gamers -- including myself -- there is light at the end of the Wii U tunnel. Gamers will have to be patient and wait for the fall/holiday season. By then there will be at least 1 big name AAA Nintendo game for the Wii U. For now, GoozerNation is looking at the next few months for game releases on the Wii U and has a few suggestions for gamers to keep them interested in the Wii U. (Nintendo, Wii U)

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tristanwerbe  +   935d ago
Wii U has sold over 3 million units already so
LOL_WUT  +   935d ago
Since launch? That's not something to really boast about. ;)
tristanwerbe  +   935d ago
Yes it is
-Mika-   935d ago | Trolling | show
DarkBlood  +   935d ago
the 3ds is doing well now because its got the games and the wiiu is going to follow suit, get your act together Mika dont do this trolling again since your obviously so hatefull of nintendo
Th4Freak  +   935d ago
@DarkBlood Uhmm no, the 3DS started to sell when Nintendo dropped the price.
weekev15  +   935d ago
It was a combination of price drop with games that gave it momentum. A price drop alone would have been pointless without the games to back it up. I predict that Nintendo will drop the price in early October, just before the ps4 releases and around the release of 3d Mario.
SilentNegotiator  +   934d ago
Considering that they sold 3 million under the false pretenses that they wouldn't be able to keep up with demand and you NEED TO BUY NOW and haven't even sold a million this year, no it is not impressive.
dantesparda  +   934d ago
"Don’t give up on the Wii U quite yet" Why? is it going to have really impressive, must have games? No? just one, not so impressive game? no thanks, im straight
PSVita  +   935d ago
With no completion though
Elem187  +   934d ago
It has tons of completion.... I completed ZombiU, Assassins Creed, Mass Effect, Batman Arkham City, NSMBU.... The games aren't so difficult that you can't complete them, you just need to play them to complete them.
PSVita  +   934d ago
@elem187- sorry about that i meant "competition". Like how the xbox released a year and a half almost before the wii and ps3.
dougr  +   935d ago
I sold my Wii U on craigslist before it lost all of it's value to be honest. I couldn't justify the console when there were zero games for it. Maybe later in its cycle I'll repurchase again when it's under $200 and has a bunch of the typical nintendo games (zelda, mario, donkeykong, mario party and kart, etc.).
MNGamer-N  +   934d ago
Nah too much effort. I'll just keep mine, and be patient for games.
Elem187  +   934d ago
Lol, I love these subtle pretending I own a console so my troll words mean something posts.

No one buys a $350 console and then flips it to a $150 loss..... Well only an idiot enjoys losing $150.

The games are just fine. I have logged over 200 hours in Monster Hunter 3 so far I haven't even touched my ps3 since getting it, aside from watching bluray movies with my wife.
Moonman  +   935d ago
3.5 million to be exact. While PS4 and 720 are zero. What's wrong with 3.5 million? Vita sales are about to get passed by Wii U before August.
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dark-hollow  +   934d ago
"Vita struggles in sales" : GIVE IT TIIIME!
"WII U struggles" : Nintendo is doomed lol.
Elem187  +   934d ago
@dark hollow, isn't it amazing?

If the Wii U is still selling like poo like the Vita after being on the market for over a year like the vita has then we can label the console dead like the Vita.
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D_RoyJenkins  +   934d ago
Keeping bringing up the Vita to make yourself feel better, it's not changing Nintendo's situation at all.
PSVita  +   934d ago
@dark-hollow- to be fair the fact that the psvita will interconnect with the ps4(e.g. remote play) is why i think people are saying to wait.
avengers1978  +   934d ago
Vita currently outselling the wii u about 2:1... How will the wii u pass it.
Wii u about 3.5 million Vita about 5 million. To make up the 1.5 million difference wii u is gonna have to start selling a lot more than it currently is, and with Xbox fusion and PS4 coming by the end of the year... I'm not so sure wii u sales will pick up that much
PopRocks359  +   934d ago

Vita sold 2.2 million units as of June last year. Where did you get the statistic saying it has sold over 5 million units?
scissor_runner  +   934d ago
Some people do not want to see the writing o the wall. Just sung by Austin Texas to meet with some friends that got laid off due to the EA restructuring.
Madden is skipping the wiiu simply because there is no porting team in place. EA is in serious trouble. THQ just went down and even square enix is having problems, then cap com cancelled almost every thing. Some serious stuff is happening here. It doesn't seem like the other consoles will escape what is happening also.

Take off your Nintendo hate googles and your Sony hype spectacles and you will see the entire industry is hurting. Sure Sony and Nintendo studio can weather this storm yet ms has murdered that whole 720 luach it seems.

We will see what happens when the wiiu gets it heavy hitters and the other consoles launch also.

On another note maybe this is Nintendo s Dreamcast.... that system rocked after all the hate and nose turning it got. Yet two things where different. Sega cash cow arcades died and they did port their 2d to 3d all that well.plus they where hushing money.
tristanwerbe  +   935d ago
@-Mika- you have no idea what your talking about
wishingW3L  +   935d ago
but is the truth. Low software sales = less games.
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fardan85  +   935d ago
by now, I guess lots of people gave up on the Wii U, Can't really blame them. It might be a huge trouble for the big N when the ps4 & MS new consoles comes out. we will see what is the fate of Wii U soon. Still, there's a chance for the Wii U to be successful, provided that Nintendo gets a unique-exclusive softwares + price drops.
akaihana86plus  +   934d ago
I never gave up on PS3 and Sony, and now i love that console to death, I really enjoy playing with my Wii U, good games are coming out, just give it time and you'll see ;)
Jek_Porkins  +   935d ago | Well said
Who in the world would give up on the Wii U after only six months on the market? We haven't even seen any of their quality games yet. That's counting chickens way before they've hatched.

If this past generation taught me anything, it's that these things aren't a sprint, if they were, the PS3 and Vita would have lost already. Good thing we waited those out, and now the PS3 is doing great and has given us some of the best games this generation, while the Vita is still struggling, it'll eventually pick up, it's a nice piece of hardware, it just needs some games.
brewin  +   935d ago
Wow another critically thinking reasonable person on a gaming site message board!? Great post dude, you speak the truth!

I am certainly glad I didnt sell my ps3 the first 2 years I had it and never played it. It was just a blu ray player. I played some games, but nothing that screamed super quality to me. It wasnt until God of war 3, Infamous 2, etc that I was really a proud ps3 owner. Ive learned my lesson and do not buy systems at launch anymore because of these growing pains. The only reason I got my Wii U at launch was because I had so much GameStop credit and nothing else to buy at that time. They had some crazy trade-in deals that I took advantage of. I was getting $15-$20 for games that I payed $2-$5 for at yard sales and such so I ended up only paying like $75 out of pocket.

Strange thing now is that I find myslef much more satisfied with my Wii U than I was the whole first 2-3 years of being a ps3 owner. I also find myself wishing I could use the gamepad for ps3 and 360 games. You dont realize how good the gamepad is until you have used it for a month or so then try to go back. Once it "clicks" it just makes so much sense for so many games. I really wish Bethesda would jump on board and put a skyrim port or fallout so people can really see how useful it could be.
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truechainz  +   934d ago
You said it too. I have gone back to some of my 360 and PS3 backlog after playing the Wii U and I gotta say I really wish you could play on the gamepad. It is the most comfortable controller I have ever played with, which may be because of my huge hands. I am glad they went with it even though most people on this site bash it every chance they get. I hope to see some more creative uses for it.
mcstorm  +   934d ago
@jek well said. Even though the 360 has been my main console that has been used the most this gen I have really enjoyed the exclusives Sony and Nintendo have gives us. Mario galaxy, Mario kart, Zelda, metros, lbp, modnation racers, uc, kill zone and more have been some of the best games this gen and without owning all the consoles I would of misses out on them.

As for the Wiiu it has must own games like mariou, Lego city and zombieu but those games depend on what type of gamer you are. Also as for people saying it has no games this is also untrue. It has the games above as well as must own games like nfsmw, batman 2, fifa 13, cod bo2 and many more but the biggest issue with these games is they are out on the ps3 and 360 so people will buy these games on consoles they already own rather than buy a console for £300 and a game for £40 on top of that.

Its going to be the same when the ps4 and next Xbox come out. The best selling game on the 360 and ps3 is cod game and if they put the next cod on the new Xbox and ps4 as well as the ps3 and 360 people will just buy the 360 and ps3 version.

We will only know how well a console is selling once the developers stop supporting the current gen consoles with the big name games.

For me if the ps4 and next Xbox sell over 4 mission in there 1st 3 months ill be shocked because od the current financial state we are in.
GreenRanger  +   935d ago
How is Nintendo going to convince people to buy multiplatform games on the Wii U after the next Xbox and PS4 (which will have the better versions of multiplatform games) release?!
How is Nintendo going to convince third party devs to even bother with the Wii U when the thing has just been hacked and since Nintendo aren't showing it at E3, they don't seem to be too confident about it?
Remember the Vita at last year's E3? No? Neither do i.
After Sony's pathetic Vita segment of last year's E3, i was going to sell my Vita, and i bet a few game devs canned projects that were only in their concept art stages.
My point is, if you want to make your device/console look good, you have to act like it is by persuading devs to work on it, shoving it in peoples' faces and advertising it.
The recent hack and Nintendo skipping the on-stage part of E3 is just going to scare away third party and small game devs, as well as the Wii U being very likely to be overlooked by people who buy multiplatform games (that's everyone BTW) because the PS4/720 will get the superior versions.
The Wii U will only be bought for Nintendo IPs and exclusives and little else.
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thaimasker  +   935d ago
Nintendo is showing the wii u at E3. Future Wii U games are going to be their main focus there according to Iwata.

and they still have the Nokia Theatre rented out..Just gonna be a smaller Live audience so they can focus on them separately instead of having media and business partners there together.
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Pillsbury1  +   935d ago
Call in your dragon zord! Doo do doo do do dooooo
Kietz  +   935d ago
You would think that wouldn't be a big request.
The majority of this site haven't even given up on the Vita yet.
chadboban  +   935d ago
People need to realize that if the new Xbox and PS4 aren't priced right they'll have trouble flying off the shelves as well. A lot of us here are very excited for the PS4 and to see what it can do, but that's just it, we(the ones who pay attention to game news sites) aren't exactly the like the majority of consumers.

Sure, a lot of folks here will buy a PS4 day one no matter what the price, but what about everyone else? Should a customer go to a store and see the PS4 for $500 (not saying that's the price but who knows) and the PS3 for $199 tell me which one are they more likely to pick up? And don't bring the "People are ready for the next generation of consoles" argument into this. Most folks don't even know what the term "next-gen" even means. Price and marketing will be crucial for Sony and Microsoft when their consoles release.

Don't think that just because you're excited for these new consoles that they're gonna be huge successes. If that were true the Vita would be the top selling console out right now (which it unfortunately is not). The fact is that WE don't represent a huge percent of the market, and just because we want to buy these new consoles doesn't mean other will feel the same.
scissor_runner  +   934d ago
I love me some old school games but I think I'll buy a ps4 day one just like the wiiu. I really just want to support good studios these days and I'm hoping that along can help them survive the big crunch that seems to be coming.

Next gen is not a war it will be survival period, gaming is on life support now these studios have to stop closing or we will lose major talent.
brewin  +   935d ago
People who are counting out the Wii U already are simply blinded fanboys or clueless consumers who have yet to spend time with the system. So many people have this stockholm syndrome where they just follow everyone else and hate on things simply because everyone else is. I highly doubt that everyone who bags on the wii U has spent any time with it at all. I love my 360 and ps3 becuase they have great games right now. When they first came out though, I wished I would have waited until more, and better, games were out. I paid 600 for my ps3 and 400 for my 360. In hindsight, I would have waited at least a year or two before buiying either and thats what I will be doing next go round.

The Wii U had a nice amount of quality late-gen titles, wich I had not yet played, and a few good exclusives. It is honestly a much better lineup than the 360 or ps3 had at the same point in their lifecycles. This is not some fanboy, praise Nintendo rant either. The fact that most of these games are slightly enhanced ports is blinding people to the actual capabilites of the system and only Nintendo is to blame for that. They completely failed to communicate the qualities and power of the system and now theyre playing catch-up. The thing is though, all of the sales they have now are just padding going into the next wave of consoles. So they are struggling now, but once they really show what the system can do and get some quality games out it will be a much different scenario.

I really dont care who "wins" the next gen. Im a hardcore gamer, so I win regardless because I will purchase and play the games that I like regardless of the console it is on. The other new systems will go through their growing pains as well and will have their fair share of late gen 360 and ps3 ports, just like the wii U. They may have better support, but I guarantee that Nintendo will be in a good position come this holiday. I just dont get all the hate for Nintendo. What have they done to these haters personally? Yeah they fucked up with their communication fo the system and have failed to gain enough current support, but let the damn thing breathe before you call it a piece of shit faliure. The 360 was initially much more of a disaster than the Wii U. Imagine if Nintendo went through the Red Ring of Death issue? The 360 recovered form that and shitty launch games, but it turned out pretty ok I would say.
PirateThom  +   935d ago
I played on demo kioskis a few times, found the controller to be unappealing and don't see why I would want a console that doesn't do anything that current consoles don't do.
brewin  +   935d ago
Come on man really? A few kiosk demos? Your not getting the full experience like that. You really need to try a game like Darksiders 2 and then go back and try to play it on the 360. Its ultimately the same experience, only its not. The game pad use changes the way I play the game and I can play more fludily without having to stop every few seconds to check a map and my items. Its just right there with a touch. You will never get the proper experience in a store standing at a kiosk.

I hear you though. Nintendo is failing to communicate this gamepad usefulness and has to do a better job, which they will.

And just for the record, it does do things that current gen systems dont do. Can you use your 360 or ps3 controllers as a replacement remote for your entire home theater setup? what about being stuck in the middle of a game and needing some help? has that ever happened to you? With the U you can just press the home button and open up miiverse or the super fast internet browser and jump to a site like IGN to get some tips or a guide without leaving the game. These things may seem moinor, but once you have experienced them you see their usefulness.
#9.1.1 (Edited 935d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(3) | Report
boybato  +   934d ago
my wife mistook it for an uber digital etch-a-sketch. lol
weekev15  +   935d ago
Great post Brewin, my exact thoughts.
xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   934d ago
The 360 had great games for its first 2yrs coming out the gate.I (a playstation fan) thought the ps to be dethroned because the 360 gaming initiative was so godlike.

But mgs4 kicked start the ps3 and it was nothing but greatness from there on.m$ drop the ball themselves if they would've kept the momentum of their 1st 2years of gaming going I probably wouldnt be gaming on ps3.
generalthadeape  +   935d ago
The only way I see the Wii U being successful is somehow making the machine able to play 3DS games-- if that were the case, those things would be "flying off the shelves".

With that second screen on the controller, I wouldn't say that this would be completely "impossible"-- hmmmm...
scissor_runner  +   934d ago
There is a port on the back of the wiiu gamepad where a bigger battery along with additional hardware can be added. Remember the two hardware division are combining. Nintendo only needs to complete a driver that displays back on to the TV.

Ultimately the 3ds will become the next gamepad. Nintendo is very sneaky like that.
josephayal  +   935d ago
never give up trust your instincts
dark-kyon  +   935d ago
the real hope of wiuu is not a price cut,is what ps4 and xbox fusion cost 500-600 then make the price cut.sad but is the reality.if the price is 350-400 is game over to nintendo.
MasterCornholio  +   934d ago
Well the Wii U doesnt have a good selection of 3rd party games (i hate Nintendo franchises) which is why i havent picked one up yet and knowing the history of 3rd party support on Nintendo consoles and the fact that all multiplats will be better on the PS4 doesnt give me an incentive to purchase the Wii U version ( except for the iPad which i hate)

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