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Four Ways Microsoft Can Win With the Next Xbox

Forbes - The next Xbox is on its way, and while we already know a lot, there are many unanswered questions leading up to Microsoft May 21 reveal. The landscape for console gaming is changing. An old console with beefier hardware isn’t going to cut it this time, and both Microsoft and Sony are going to have to work harder than ever to convince consumers to shell out the cash for a new system. Nintendo didn’t make that argument as well as it could have — it’s paying the price as it struggles to move the Wii U. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

kingmushroom  +   758d ago
1. No RROD
2.Free online
3.Fresh IP exclusives
4. don't focus much on Kinect
WeAreLegion  +   758d ago
Those would all be incredible, but I think only number 1 will happen. I REALLY hope they push some new IP's this generation, however. :) Sony needs some competition.
MikeMyers  +   758d ago
1. Good price
(value, various options)
2. Good content
(from AAA games to small indie games, also unique games that show off the hardware, and exclusive content)
3. Good hardware
(reliable, future-proof, powerful)
4. Good service
(customer satisfaction, DRM restrictions, Xbox Live, online services including dashboard navigation)

Let's see later this year which of those 4 they actually fulfill.
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Jek_Porkins  +   758d ago
1,3 and 4 will most likely happen, they wont give up that sweet one billion dollar per year Xbox Live service, they have no real reason to, it's not like the service is declining, and it costs money to operate and maintain it.

I see people mention RROD quite often, but the original Xbox had no failure issues, after 2007 the Xbox 360's failure rate was drastically reduced, and when the 360s came out I don't believe its had any problems, so basically in 12 years of making consoles they had an issue for 2 of those years, then offered 3 year warranties on all their consoles.

Almost all of their studios are working on new IP's, and they have some quality third party support as well, or at least that's the rumor. I'm sure Kinect will be a huge focus on the entertainment side, I'm not sure they'll implement it into gaming quite as much this time around, unless it can do 1:1 motion, then I think people wouldn't mind it.
joab777  +   758d ago
Its funny b/c who won this gen? We did as Sony and MS finished about dead even. Look for more of the same and we as gamers will benefit. Theres more than enough room for both.
morganfell  +   758d ago
Two points.

This generation has not ended and will not end even once the next gen launches. At least it doesn't end for Sony. You can expect the PS3 and 360 to be far from Dead Even once this generation truly ends.

Second and more important, stating gamers won because of a sales tie isn't gamers winning. Gamers that had the console with tons of great games, features, exclusives, and inexpensive access are the only ones that actually won.
SpinalRemains138  +   757d ago
Ill tell you who 'won', since that matters to you.

PS3 gamers won because they only pay 60 bucks to play any given game online.
360 gamers pay 60 for the game, then 60 again to play it online.

Clearly we see who loses. Double the price for exact same experience. Simple really. You're being ripped off and you're not only blind to it, but you embrace it.
edonus  +   758d ago
1)RROD was mistake they were forced to make and they paid for it. They learned a lot and you can tell because the second 360 is one of the best built consoles you can own. I would think they would take this new knowledge into the next gen.

2)Like I said before if they do free online that will take away one of Sonys biggest selling points.

3)As for games... I find it funny how people think that because you switched focus from core ips for the last part of your generation you can never make a new core ip again.

4)As for Kinect. Them not focusing on kinect would just be stupid. Kinect offers a real advantage over Sony in several different ways. Lets say Sony kinect thing is a very capable device MS has already been developing for it and working out the kinks. Kinect is already popular has big successful franchises and is still a technical marvel. Most of the hate and disdain that the device receives comes from people that never played it or didnt take it serious (you still have people saying it has lag or doesnt work in the dark. Being standard will kill about 70%-85% of that with in the first year. If kinects true potential is realized the competition has no answer for it.
grimmweisse  +   758d ago
No, kinect isn't a technical marvel. There hasn't been any exceptional games for it. It's there for the casual market. Same way the wii attracted a new core set of gamers. So many potential kinect games that turned out rubbish or mediocre.
edonus  +   758d ago
Kinect is still a technical marvel, what you dont realize is that kinect on the 360 is only able to use about 1/3 of its abilities at any given time. You dont really know what it does so you judge it by its games and not its abilities.
What is and is not exceptional is subjective, I just say as a core gamer that plays across all genres I have had some experiences playing kinect that could not be duplicated with a controller. That doesnt make controllers obsolete or even inferior but kinect has provided me some great entertainment.

Another thing, keep in mind current kinect games are only the first of their kind. Rise of Nightmares is one of a kind, Steel Battalion 1st attempt at an action hybrid, Kinect Star Wars, Fable the Journey all had some good things in their own right but they are all the first attempts. Think about the first FPS you played was it Doom or Castle Wolfenstein or maybe youre young and it was Goldeneye...... now compare those games to Killzone2, Halo 4 and Crysis2. There is a grand canyon sized distance between them. Next gen kinect will be there from the start running on a machine that was designed to run it. No need for workarounds and tricks to get something decent out of it. Its almost a new device altogether.
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Imalwaysright  +   758d ago
Seriously? No, really, seriously? Was about time!! I've watched you defending kinect many times here on N4g talking about poison, saying that it didn't have limitations and the reason why its software was slammed by reviewers was that they weren't "kinect experts" and didn't know how to work with it and now, you finally admit that kinect has hardware limitations and that its software is not that good. Ok you said that the 360 can't "handle it" but is all the same.

Welcome to the dark side!
edonus  +   757d ago
Funny thing is my statements have never changed. Go back an look. You still seem to be having trouble understanding what the poison is. Fact is I know there is several areas kinect an improve in but the crap you get from these reviewers and haters ain't it. When I have someone telling me kinect work in the dark and that it can't see black leather when I have played under both these conditions and there is no scientific reasoning behind there reasoning at all I end up getting side tracked trying clear up BS instead of talking about real stuff.

Look at your comment here. You focus in on that said kinect had limitations, and ignore the complexity of the device. You say it's all the same thing , that's the problem it's not. You ignore that even though I say the 360 isn't powerful enough to run kinect at its full abilities the part about it delivering some unique experiences that couldn't be done any other way just seems to disappear.

Truth is a lot of kinects great experiences come from tricks and workarounds but so does lots of games. If you played launch kinect games and compare them to current kinect games there have already been great strides. I actually feel they could still push the current kinect even harder but there is no real point to it right now. Any improvements would only be for the core market and they ain't buying kinect now especially with the new and improved system on the way. I think they would rather just hold the big stuff for the next system.

Like I always I would love to have a real discussion about kinect but I end up disproving lies, misinformation and blind hate. Instead of talking about real world problems and solutions.
Imalwaysright  +   757d ago
Its all the same because there is no difference if the limitations are with the 360 or kinect because the result will always be the same: software that as you put it isn't that good and thats what matters.

Also i don't believe for one moment that the problem is the 360 but the control scheme itself.... what am saying? I know that the problem lies with the crappy control scheme that is Kinect. 360 just renders the game, that is it.

If the problem was the console the regular controller and some of the wheels available for it would have problems as well which isn't true at all. Add to that the fact that games like GeOW are much more demanding than anything kinect related and your... how was it? oh yes, lies and misinformation have been disproved.
edonus  +   757d ago
Your comment is a perfect example of why I can never get into a real discussion about kinect. It shows you have absolutely know idea of what you are talking about and that you even start making stuff up.

Nowhere in any of my comments did I say the "software isnt that good". Now I have to comment on your non understanding of kinect.

You dont think its the 360.... this means you never read or saw any of the interviews with the developers saying kinect uses lots of processing power. You probably dont remember the chip that was taken out of kinect to cut down costs.
Kinect is not a control scheme... it only collects data, how it is used or processed is a variable so again you are making no sense.

Regular controllers have a lot less data to process than a rgb signal, infrared signal, using that data to create a skeletal representation of more than 1 person sometimes. Then calculate the speed of the movement to translate into action recognize poses just to name a few things.

Its not that GeOW is to demanding for kinect (if it the 36 had the power to run both optimally) its that you (meaning a person playing) dont have the endurance to handle a game like Gears using kinect. That is one of the problems I would love to discuss but you see what i have to deal with>

I recently saw I guy playing Skyrim using the Oculus Rift and a 3d Body tracking device that you stand in and it translates all you moves. Great concept very stable you are really in the game... but hers the thing the world of Skyrim I would guess on foot would be well over 100 miles, taking 100 miles in real steps is a lot different from pushing an analog stick up with your thumb. Swinging a sword dodging attacks from a plethora of enemies is a lot harder than pushing B, or Y and you are going to be fighting thousands of characters. Like I said games need to be designed for motion control games not shoe horned in.

Like I said its clear you have no idea what you are talking about you havent went poison yet, you havent started quoting and referring to lies and misinformation to back your claims.... your claims are just opinions you have with no real foundation and reasoned by ignoring real measurable things.
Imalwaysright  +   756d ago
Kinect was made to function with the 360, not the other way around so yes, the problem lies only with kinect. Control schemes have to be made in order to work properly with the console so it makes no sense to blame a control scheme shortcomings on the console. Kinect IS a poorly built control scheme. The move, Wii controllers, Dualshok, 360 controller.... are well built control schemes. Why? Because they work properly.

Also you did say that kinect software has a long way to go and that in itself implies that kinect software isn't that good, even though i just think that is just another excuse to defend Mr Gimmick and its inherent shortcomings. Wii controllers were also new tech and that didn't stop Nintendo of making some of the highest rated games this industry has seen.
1nsaint  +   757d ago
1 feature i would like to see is mod support, but i doubt any console will ever have that
haymoza  +   758d ago
All they need to do is not focus on Kinect games come E3. Show the fans real games.
CommonSenseGamer  +   758d ago
Kinect is great for family oriented games however, if they can reduce the lag and improve the tracking then I'd be keen on seeing QuickTime sections of a game being kinect enabled.
cyberninja  +   758d ago
More games, less crap. It's that simple.
cleft5  +   758d ago
If this has always online drm than they don't exist to me. I am sure everyone else will buy it. The same way everyone buys the dlc that all these companies sell and then complain about it.
Jek_Porkins  +   758d ago
Personally, as long as they sell enough to keep operating I'm happy, I'm not one who's all into "winning" a generation, mostly because I don't see jack squat for anyone winning a generation.
BanBrother  +   758d ago
Dude, of course you get something for 'winning'. You become a super saiyan and grow a bigger penis and stop being a weak little nerd.

Well, at least that's what I think the fanboys on the internet think.

I must now sit and wait for a white knight in a superman costume to arrive. See ya.
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fardan85  +   758d ago
I think there are other way important things.
1- Reliable Hardware, Less RROD
2- New Exclusives, I don't think 4 new franchises will cause a harm to MS.
3- Online play should be free.
4- BluRay.
fardan85  +   758d ago
LOL, some people like to pay extra cash for nothing & unreliable hardware.
Kakashi Hatake  +   758d ago
Why is there so many "how xbox can win" articles? Is that the only acceptable outcome for these "journalists"?
strigoi814  +   758d ago
concentrate on hardcore gamers wish for..GAMES and new IP's
SDF Repellent  +   758d ago
1. Undercut PS4 by $100 across all Sku.
2. Comparable spec to PS4
3. New Fresh IPs, Black Tusk studio and Respawan rumored exclusive is a great start.
4. Blu-Ray Drive

Added bonus:
1. Integration with all Windows apps, = PC, tablets, phones
2. Backward compatibility with X360
3. Crossed-platform play with PC,ie..Games for Window
4. Kinect 2.0 adding new ideas and gameplay element to core gaming, ie..using both controller and Kinect for games.
NukaCola  +   758d ago
Asking a lot there.
humbleopinion  +   757d ago
Can't stress enough how important bonus point 4#. Until Kinect is integrated with a proper controller, it will be useless for most types of gaming. Supplement, not replacement.

As for the main points, last gen they pretty much fulfilled 1-3, whereas bluray was left out because they released before it was even available. This time around bluray is pretty much guaranteed as it's a ~7 years old tech now.

What I'll add on top of that is cheap tools for indie developers and a good store frontend for them. XBLA XBLIG was a great step, but it seemed MS took a small step backwards since then.
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Droid Control  +   757d ago
1. Quality reliable hardware. No disc scratching, no RROD
2. Free Online
3. Remove the adverts from the dashboard
4. Focus on games, not apps
5. Develop a ton of new and varied IP's
6. Do not put Kinect 2 in the box and force us to pay for it
7. Ensure the console is backwards compatabile with xbox 360
8. 8GB of RDDR5 RAM or higher...
9. Do not have always-on!
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RuleofOne343  +   757d ago
Do whatever needs to be done to destroy & put Sony gaming division im the Red am talking red where it takes ten years to even attempt to correct. Ha ha ha
Lazarus69  +   757d ago
Why on earth would you want that to happen?,unless you don't actually mean it and are just trolling
Hicken  +   757d ago
Oh, he means it.
PooEgg  +   757d ago
TV & Kinect? Don't care about that at all. So I don't agree with this article. I think that if you are releasing a GAMING console the #1 way you can win is by focusing on better games and better performance. Create a console that developers find easy to work with, and encourage them to create lots of good games for you. Do that and the gamers will come.

It will be interesting to see what happens when MS puts some cards on the table. Until they do, I won't count them out, but I have to say everything I have read so far has not made me interested, I hope most of it turns out to be rumors, but I get the feeling a lot of it will prove to be spot on.

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