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Submitted by -Mezzo- 1007d ago | opinion piece

Soul Sacrifice: Is This The PS Vita's 'Killer App?'

Forbes - Gamers and critics everywhere keep looking for the ‘Killer App’ to save the PS Vita. Could it be ‘Soul Sacrifice?’ (PS Vita, Soul Sacrifice)

bothebo  +   1008d ago
I think it is, but I'm more interested in getting sales figures for the game. If it doesn't get over a million copies sold by the end of the year, I'm going to be pissed.
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GraveLord  +   1008d ago
This type of game is pretty niche. Its not gonna sell boatloads. 500k is enough to impress me.(and probably be profitable) With Japan alone its already more than half-way there.

1million would make it an extremely successful new IP.
TheGrimOfDeath  +   1007d ago
The developers have already stated that they might want to make a sequel to the game already, I think this is because the sales of the game in Japan surpassed initial figures. So yeah the IP is gonna be really successful with a possible sequel.
fei-hung  +   1007d ago
Don't know about killer App since all the Game stores in Leicester knew nothing about the game, on release day, they didn't even bother to put it out on shelves and there was zero advertising for it.

When I went to get my pre-order, I had to double check if it was released today and the clerk had to check if they had it.

I hope it sells well. I've never played a game in this genre. I'm new to this type of game but I've already fallen in love with it.
KrisButtar  +   1007d ago
I was in EB Games Tuesday morning(1130) and the game was sold out, even the other EB Games in the area were as well. So I didn't even get my copy, I have to wait until this Tuesday when they get more stock.

I'm not saying my store had a lot of stock but at least it is doing better in some areas
Hanso  +   1007d ago
same for me
I hate MH but i love SS
fei-hung  +   1007d ago
I bought my copy around 1:45pm on Friday. Idiots didn't give me my pre order code so I have to go back to get it.

Game is awesome. I've put about 5-6 hors into it and there is tons mire to do. I haven't even tried the online yet as I'm so into the sp.

I can see one other person in my friend list playing the game. Need to check near and see if there is anyone else in Leicester playing it so I can join them online :)
memots  +   1007d ago
why would you be pissed? How does how many copy sells lessen your enjoyment of the game?
Do you have stock in the developer or made this game?
hkgamer  +   1007d ago
its a multiplayer game. The more people that buy it, the more lively the community will be.

However, 1 mil is asking for a bit too much. I think there is only 5 million vita sold so far right? 20% of vita owners will not buy this game.
knifefight  +   1007d ago
If they sell more copies, the company is more likely to make a sequel.

Is that, like, hard to understand?
Tultras  +   1007d ago
Dude 1mil is considered very successful when it comes to Home CONSOLES, you know? the one with 70+ million userbase.
JeepGamer  +   1007d ago
Feel free to be pissed. Avid Dark Souls player, avid JRPG player, I have access to a Vita. The demo bored me and I never looked back. I'd be surprised if it reaches your lofty goal.
Aceman18  +   1007d ago
it is for me, plus any game i deem worthy of spending my own money on is a killer app for me.
sherimae2413  +   1008d ago
to some people it is, just like me ^_^
though this is the type of genre that considered niche in the west...
Myst  +   1008d ago
I think it's a good game and got my friends to get it. So far it's been really enjoyable. If it isn't a killer then it's still worth a play at least.
PSNintyGamer  +   1008d ago
jwk94  +   1007d ago
IGN says no and I have to agree with them. It's a fun game, but it's not a MUST HAVE title right now. I'd sooner re-purchase Gravity Rush. Now there's a great Vita game.
Hicken  +   1007d ago
IGN says no about everything. They're only slightly better than Kotaku, in my eyes, who are only slightly better than quartertothree. Can't figure out how either of the last two haven't been banned yet. And I dunno how IGN gets away with the crap that they pull off, either.
timemuffin  +   1007d ago
Why would you compare QuartertoThree to ign or kotaku? Q23 is basically a blog ran by one person. And banned by what? The N4G community? Thats a dumb idea. Oh and guess what? I know its cool to hate kotaku but I find it pretty entertaining. You know what i would do if I didn't? Not visit the site.
SirBradders  +   1007d ago
Ign didnt even finish the game and didnt even go in depth on multiplayer and dont be a sheep and try and judge something for yourself.
jwk94  +   1006d ago
I'm not being a sheep. I AM judging the game for myself since I own it.
dragonyght  +   1007d ago
killer app, savior nobody said it was. a lot of ppl was excited for the game more so than any other games please stop with the uninspired titles
" Is This The PS Vita's 'Killer App?'" or Soul Sacrifice is Vita savior nonsense its danm annoying Soul Sacrifice is a fun and addictive game for those who like this type of game, even if you not I say go ahead try it you might like it
nix  +   1007d ago
dunno about others.. for me? Yeah!
SolidDuck  +   1007d ago
For me it is. This game is what finally made me decide I'm getting one. There are other games I want to play on it but soul sacrifice tipped the scale for me. I'm waitin till after e3, to see if there is a price drop or new model or anything like that. But regardless I will be pickin one up for sure.
CommonSenseGamer  +   1007d ago
"Killer App" basically translates to a game being a system seller. Has the Vita seen a sales increase that would suggest that this game is a killer app?
Tultras  +   1007d ago
It did actually.
b_one  +   1007d ago
since when Forbes is about gaming.
Dan_scruggs  +   1007d ago
I think people are setting themselves up for disappointment. The game is great and will hopefully do well but Vita's problems run deeper than this game can fix. The only Vita killer app is a major price drop and a reinvention of it memory card.
b_one  +   1007d ago
memory card - you buy it once, just once. price drop on consoles, thats ok.
MasterCornholio  +   1007d ago
Don't be stupid. The problem isn't with the design of the memory card because if Sony sells the 32GB one for 30 euros no one would complain about them. The only thing that Sony needs to do is drop the price of the Vita (Its been out for a year so it makes sense) and the memory cards (Sony should just ignore retailers and severely drop the price of the cards).

Motorola RAZR i
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hulk_bash1987  +   1007d ago
All Sony needs is a price drop, the games are there. People are just waiting for the eventual price drop.
AusRogo  +   1007d ago
Im not one to play a game like Soul Sacrifice but i gave it a chance and im hooked. Though honestly I think Gravity Rush was already Vitas killer app. Gravity Rush and LBP is what made me get a Vita. Killzone Mercenary will definitely sell some Vitas though I reckon.
Williamson  +   1007d ago
I dont know if it is or isnt the killer app but its another great game to play on the vita, doesnt that count for anything?
RandomDude655  +   1007d ago
Jeez I wish that people would get off this "killer app" nonsense. The first Xbox had halo. GameCube had RE4 and REmake. They were both slaughtered. It's about the library of games stupid.
GribbleGrunger  +   1007d ago
This is why fanboys of all camps should quit posting comments like 'GOTY definitely' or 'Vita saved'. It creates the perception that ALL Sony fans believe that ONE game can save a system ... and allows for headlines like this. NO intelligent person would ever consider one game (no matter what) to be the saviour of a handheld. I'll give this question to the writer of the article because I'd feel dumb answering it.
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HexxedAvenger  +   1007d ago
It's a killer app for me. I love games like this. Monster hunter, ragnarok odyssey, soul sacrifice, toukiden, and god eater 2.
-GametimeUK-  +   1007d ago
It isn't enough to convince me to buy a Vita. Wouldn't say it's a killer app at all.
Redempteur  +   1007d ago
It's a great game with quite a lot of content ( besides the story mode ).

I'm enjoying it
Marugo  +   1007d ago
Lol games on vita is just an app? Like android phones..
mercyme   1007d ago | Spam
pupunoob  +   1007d ago
Gravity Rush was the first killer app I think.
DJ  +   1007d ago
I wouldn't be surprised. PS Vita games actually sell pretty well. Remember Assassins Creed? One out of five Vita owners have that game.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   1007d ago
for the moment. yes!! but i can never tell when an unknown games comes forth and surprises everyone. but as of right now it is
BlaqMagiq24  +   1007d ago
Whether it's its killer app or not should not matter. It's whether you enjoy the game or not that should. Journalists will say this for every big name Vita game and I'm sick of it. It's like journalists love to nitpick anything negative related to the Vita.
tiffac008  +   1007d ago
All I know is I must have this game once I get my salary lol!
tubers  +   1007d ago
No, not really since it's niche.. this is meant to apply to the general market not the hunting aficionado.

By design, it's a very good portable game; straight to the point and enjoyable at bursts.

At least it seems successful and popular enough to warrant a sequel.. very nice with the way inafune's confident with the new IP and sequel plan.
VirginiaFats  +   1006d ago
Someone has been dipping from the IGN Koolaid too much eh?

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