Forbes - iBuyPower Revolt Gaming PC Review: Don't Judge This Rig By Its Cover

Forbes - Like Falcon Northwest, Digital Storm, and Alienware, iBuyPower recently entered the small form factor gaming PC arena with a case created completely in-house. The Revolt packs impressive hardware into its frame, and its price adequately reflects its intended demographic – the entry-level PC gamer desiring a hassle-free performer out of the box.

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TXIDarkAvenger2045d ago

Not a bad price considering its pre-built.

zeal0us2045d ago

You can build one cheaper with the same specs for $100+ less.

Most of the computers&laptops on ibuypower is overpriced to begin with. I saw a desktop equipped with GT 610 that cost 879.

TXIDarkAvenger2045d ago

Obviously you can build one cheaper.

I'm saying for pre-built its not bad in comparison to what Bestbuy or Futureshop offer.

3-4-52045d ago

I just got an ibuypower for $'s running all games on highest settings and running smooth.

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