Game Informer - Moments: Persona 3’s Junpei and Chidori

Game Informer - We often meet people who change our lives in some profound way. Perhaps they teach us something we didn't know about ourselves, force us to become a better version of ourselves, or maybe they show us what it means to put someone else first. Either way, once these people enter our lives, we're never the same. This is the essence of Junpei and Chidori's relationship in Persona 3, and why it stands as one of the more powerful interactions I've seen in a video game. The moment where this all comes together is Chidori's selfless act, which defines what the relationship truly meant.

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ApolloTheBoss2054d ago

I haven't played this yet but I played this yet but I play on doing it real soon. After playing P4G it's now my most favorite series of all time. Dammit Atlus give me Persona 5 already. I need it now!