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Even though there's very little change, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 maintains a steady balance of tactical command and shooting; the presentation lives up to Ubisoft Montreal's standard; and the single and multiplayer options will keep you busy. Odds are that you'll find this game a surefire winner, just like the original.

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Kleptic3654d ago

nice to see Vegas 2 getting what it deserves this time around...Vegas 1 was one of the most overrated games of this generation imo...

iNcRiMiNaTi3654d ago

i was really looking forward to this game because the majority of people on my friends list was from rb6v. i might pick this one up, reviews arent bad, they're decent. hopefully it'll kill enough time till i get my hands on gta4

Bleucrunch3654d ago

so why the big hype and they dont change a thing about the game.