New Wipeout HD Screens Released

Sony has just released some new screenshots of the Wipeout HD screens. The game is due out later on this year exclusively on the PS3.

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decapitator3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

So here is what Sony is trying to do:

When it comes to racing games, their GT series is possibly the best out of the bunch.

When it comes off-road racing, Motorstorm is highly regarded and offers a lot of replayability and awesomeness. Dirt is great as well.

On the issue of futuristic racing , Sony aims to reclaim their title as the best in that field whiles Koei Fatal Inertia failed horribly.

TheHater3501d ago

the only game that can give Wipeout a run for it money is F-Zero. But there hasn't been an F-Zero game for 7 years now.

Ghoul3501d ago

"Sony aims to reclaim their title as the best in that field whiles Koei Fatal Inertia failed horribly.

no need to reclaim a title you never lost

decapitator3501d ago

Technically speaking you are right Ghoul but you gotta admit that some of the F-zero games were better than some of the past Wipeout games. But with this title, it seems it all falls back to Sony's court once again.

Grahammad3501d ago

I've actually been playing a lot of F-Zero at my friends lately and I'll admit for sure that they are great games. The problem is, whenever I play them, I always want to be able to pick up a weapon which unfortunately is quite lacking is the F-Zero franchise. That's why I'm a bigger fan of the Wipeouts, more intense in my opinion.

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btkadams3501d ago

this game is gonna be awesome. ill be hoenst ive only played wipeout pure, but i absolutely loved it.

spandexxking3501d ago

ive been led to belive that this is a remake of the first wipeout. if true i hope it uses the physics of 2097 or pure. i bought the original on psn and realised how crap it was compared to the later ones to come out. plus wipeout wasnt only on playstation there was a 64 version, although it sucked compared to the PS one.

Genki3501d ago

but it seems to me like people have to keep on saying it's the best future racer almost as if they're trying to convince themselves.

Pure was easily one of the best PSP games hands down, but I really don't think WipEout holds a candle to F-Zero. Doesn't mean WipEout is bad(that's for you venomous fanboys), just not as good. I've got no qualms playing both, mind you.

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The story is too old to be commented.