Five Star Wars Games You Need To Play Today

May the Fourth be with you. Enjoy these five classics!

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KrisK2052d ago

Despite all the low reviews, I loved the Unleashed series. I can definitely deal with some minor gameplay issues to play an awesome jedi.

TheDCD2052d ago

Yeah, exactly. Part II was a blast for me.

3-4-52052d ago

I've been debating buying them since they are $5 each used at Gamestop and I'm lacking in the amount of Star Wars games I've played over the years.

How long are they and is the story interesting ?

What is frustrating about them that might turn people off to them ?

gamerlive2052d ago

It sucks that they canceled the new 1313 and Battlefront games.

guitarded772052d ago



PS: Steam has a Star Wars sale this weekend.

TheDCD2052d ago

Sorry, Battlefront is too frequented on these lists, as much as they rock. We wanted to focus on other great games.

YoureINMYWay852052d ago

Yes yes yes more Star Wars games

ohcatrina2052d ago

Noooo! This list is absolutely missing Shadows of the Empire! Great work though.

TheDCD2052d ago

That just missed the cut!

SegataSanshiro2051d ago

Oh wow i though i was the only one in the world who played that game, n64 will never die

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