9 Star Wars Games to Play on Star Wars Weekend writes: "It’s May the fourth, you know what that means… this is the article you were looking for. May the fourth be with you my young padawans, we have gathered 9 titles you can play today and tomorrow. Tommorrow??? Of course you know because it is Revenge of the Fifth."

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Battlefront... both days AMEN!

NukaCola1094d ago

This makes me sad. RIP old amazing star wars games. I really want Jedi Knight IV. More than even KOTOR 3.

raiden-491094d ago

Has to be one of the best game I played during my childhood.

TheGrimBunny1094d ago

Star Wars FTW!! (just compared to the Star Trek titles).

Irishguy951094d ago

Gonna play kotor...Revan is ze best Sith in star wars

TheSuperior 1094d ago

May the 4th be with you all on this wonderful day! Also dont forget to pick up some free comics ;)

GameReviewGuy1094d ago

It was because of Star Wars the Old Republic game that one of my favorite games ever released, Mass Effect. Thank you Star Wars for your influence on so many great games!

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