Call of Duty: Ghosts at the Xbox Reveal Helps Activision, Not Microsoft

"While this particular moment of synergy will work tremendously for Activision, it’s a tremendous waste for Microsoft. Allow me to explain." - Joe Garcia

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Abash2051d ago

Call of Duty: Ghosts isn't going to be a reason for lots of people to go next gen, the large majority will still play it on PS3/360 to play with their friends over PSN/XBL. Better graphics just wont be enough to get consumers to spend hundreds of dollars to play the game when they have hardware that already can.

GraveLord2051d ago

I agree. Call of Duty is too casual focused to make much of an impact on next-gen systems. It will all come down to exclusives.

loulou2051d ago

yeah just like this gen...

oh wait, cos all those exclusives helped sony sell more than the ps2. but in reality it wasn't like that at all.

cod will be just as massive next gen. sorry about that

thegreatklemba2051d ago

@lolulou ps2 sold for 11 years and ps3 is in its 7 year give or take a couple months so your point is mute come back in 4 years and if it still hasn't out sold the ps2 then you have some ground to stand.

nukeitall2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

CoD historically has been even on a single platform more popular than almost any exclusive. With every release, there has been significantly increased sales.

I don't see, how CoD cannot make an impact on next-gen systems. A new engine and a new sub-ip is going to be massive on the next consoles, especially if you can play against previous generation console i.e. Xbox 360 with next-generation Xbox.

The millions of people that want to play CoD and buys it every year will stick to the console that Activision favors.

In the end, consumers don't care if the games are exclusive or not, and only if it is a good game.

HammadTheBeast2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

You do realize that CoD is multi platform right? Activision is just taking advantage of the hype surrounding Xbox reveal to put their product out.

Also, just look at how black Ops turned out on the wii U, now you and 16 of your friends can always sync up. Always.

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Jek_Porkins2051d ago

I think it helps both, COD is a popular game and no matter what, people will tune in to the Microsoft show to view it, which means more potential customers for the next Xbox.

I don't think there is such a thing as a game that can win a generation or any garbage like that, but nobody can deny the popularity of the franchise. Due to what will most likely be limited quantities of the next Xbox and PlayStation, Ghosts probably wont sell amazingly well, but 3-4 million within 6 months is still going to be considered good when you add in the other 17-20 million on current hardware.

Cyfyxtfg2051d ago

before i even read this, hes wrong. of course it helps because people who wanna play a better cod will get it on the nextbox. it helps

TKCMuzzer2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

Before you read the article. Why would you comment on it before reading it? Why would you assume that people who get the next Xbox version?
He makes the point that people will just tune in to see what the game looks like on next gen consoles, Microsoft will virtually be showing the PS4 version as it will be identical.
Read the article first, it may help. I will get it on the PS4, why? due to easy to program for, both the next xbox and PS4 versions will be identical, yet it will still more than likely be free to access online on the PS4. No version will be better than the other, it's COD after all and will probably need patching on both consoles on day one.

Only because the 360 was easier to program for but unless you have been under a rock that will change for the next gen, it will look identical on both machines, I'm telling you this now so you won't be upset when they look the same.

Cyfyxtfg2051d ago

im getting a ps4 as well. but cod will be better on the box. its designed there first. we all know this

NateCole2051d ago

cyfyxtg. the PC would like to have a word with you.

Cyfyxtfg2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

I dont think it will LOOK better. itll run better. thats all. itll get dlc first. therefore if your passionate about cod that will be your system of choice. thats all im saying.

awww :( now i understand the bubble system. I only get three comments :'(

Karpetburnz2050d ago


How do you know it will run better on the next Xbox? It could be the other way aroud.

The only reason CoD was better on 360 this gen is because PS3 was hard to develop for, PS4 will have a different architecture than PS3 so it will be much easier to develop for.

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weekev152051d ago

Surely it means they are advertising a multi-platform game at their launch. Unless they only show some timed exclusive content they will be advertising a ps3/4 game at their launch event. Strange move if you ask me.

I was one of the few who was underwhelmed by the ps4 reveal, but at least they gave an argument as to why it would be better to own a ps4 by showing only exclusives.

TheKayle12051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

clearly if they show...they have it as timed exclusive and dlc contents exclusive

no ps4 didnt show ONLY dog (that was one of the big in the show)..wasnt an exclusive will be on xbox too

the witness (another game of the ps4 show) is a timed exclusive...

destiny isnt an ps4 exclusive

deep down is likely a multiplat game from capcom

diablo III isnt an exclusive...

well honestly the only exclusive games shown was knack,driveclub,kz,infamous all the other will go also on xbox

weekev152051d ago

Yeah I think it's a given they have the timed exclusive dlc. What I'm saying is, that unless they only show the exclusive parts they are effectively advertising a PS4 game at their launch event.

TKCMuzzer2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

I don't think the game will be a timed exclusive, it's not in Activisions interest as a business even if Microsoft pay them. COD sells very well on PlayStation products and Activision will not want to alienate that crowd.
The DLC may be timed but who cares about that, what's waiting a month for a few maps.
He is right, with the PS4 version probably looking identical, many may just say "I'l just get it for the PS4 when it releases"

You may be right but lets also be honest, we all know that there were many of Sony's studios who showed nothing, so there is plenty to come, I'm not so sure with Microsoft and its that uncertainty that worries gamers.

NateCole2051d ago

It will help get more people to view MS conference so in a way it will help MS.

TKCMuzzer2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

Does anyone know if you need a Gold Live account to view the conference?

Who just disagreed with me? I asked a bloody question hoping for an answer. The people on this site baffle me sometimes.

Just in case fan boys thought I was taking the mick, I only have a silver account that's why I asked.

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