The Best Video Games of 2013… So Far: Wii U Games writes: "Welcome to the best of 2013… errr so far! We are officially in the 5th month of the year and with so many great games we collected a list of the best games of 2013. Nintendo’s Wii U is out of the gate at a snails pace with gamers wanting more. Well we got 3 more that you have to try out this year if you are a hardcore gamer! Did we mention no Nintendo games made the top three thus far?"

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TheGrimBunny1970d ago

These have got to be close to the only games for the Wii-U. I think it is a great console, but it (much just like the Wii) needs more titles.

weekev151970d ago

Pretty sure, up until Injustice, these are the only physical releases this year. A few eshop releases as well( runner 2 easily the highlight) not sure what the point in this article was. Serves only to highlight the lack of WiiU games which Nintendo assures us will be remedied from July onwards. We can only hope...


The Runner 2 was featured on our Multi-platform list...

LOL_WUT1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Zombie U
Lego City Undercover

Thats my list I included 2012 ;)

weekev151970d ago

does make sense to include 2012. My list is Nintendoland, Lego City and Batman (i know its an old port but i liked all the extra free content cos i never got any DLC for the ps3 version)

Decaf_PIxel_Kat1970d ago

I expected this list to be longer, but then I remembered it's the Wii U. I really want this console to have great games...

Myst1970d ago

Hopefully in time it will have them, all I really truly want is an F-Zero title.

Benjaminkno1969d ago

I want a new Star Fox game for christ's sake.
I can't seem to get enough Metroid either.
Give me Smash Brothers and Zelda and I'm good.