13-year old kid attempts to rape mother & ends up killing her for taking away Call of Duty

13-year old kid attempts to rape mother & ends up killing her for taking away Call of Duty

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LOL_WUT1568d ago

What is the world coming to? ;)

abzdine1568d ago

this is insanity, human being has no more morality

HammadTheBeast1568d ago

What the hell....

Why would you give a kid a gun....


Why was CoD brought into this?

kevnb1568d ago

things like this have always happened. Internet spreads news more easily and quickly though. Just look up what happened 200 years ago, its rather shocking.

coolmast3r1568d ago

Nothing. Just another psychopath. They always were a tiny part of the society we live in. Don't advertise this case as a sensation.

NukaCola1568d ago

I'm pretty sure this has zero to do with COD and 100% a clear case of a sick disturbed bastard who has no ability to control himself. Either way, this is disturbing and sad

bigrob9041568d ago

mistake number 1 give child gun.

InMyOpinion1568d ago

@NukaCola - "100% a clear case of a sick disturbed bastard who has no ability to control himself."

It's a 13-year old kid. He might have been born "evil" as you suggest, although that's the easiest and simplest conclusion to jump to.

I find it more likely that he either was shaped this way while growing up (the article mentions nothing about his background, personal life or family relations), or that he suffered from an illness (ADD etc) and was not given any treatment.

insomnium21568d ago

1. Do not give a kid a gun.

2. Do not let kids play a mature rated games.

I bet if I gave my 7yo boy a gun he would friggen shoot me the next time I tell him to clean his room. Kids do not have the kind of understanding a gun requires.

I'm not even sure if I feel that sorry for the woman. She gave the boy a gun and let him play mature games for years presumably since the boy wouldn't be THAT hooked to it otherwise. How effing completely STUPID can you be?

A 13yo is not old enough to be the one to blame for this. This idiot of a woman got what she asked for and she ruined her entire family's lives in the process. Slow clap. What an effing waste.

Boody-Bandit1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Humans have NEVER been violent before the creation of video games! NEVER! /s

It's asinine incidents like this that give some opportunistic Ahole politician a way to score political points and take the focus off the real problem. A 13 year old with access to a gun. Let alone an M (17+) Rated game. Gee I wonder how he got that?

But to be honest I don't believe the rhetoric that games cause people to act out in any way. We are aggressive by nature and if not games it would be sports, politics, religion, money, health, relationships, etc and so on. Why is it that certain outlets (mostly politicians and some whack head doctors) try to link video games to violence? Oh that's right. I already answered it. Because they want to do the whole, "NOT ME, LOOK OVER THERE. That's the real problem." *SIGH*

Sorry but one more point. I get a little sick of hearing people saying what a good boy, no known problems, never acted out, nothing medically wrong. Yet he tried to RAPE his own mother before killing her? Seriously. I am a father of 3, all grown, and even I don't kid myself thinking I know everything about my kids.

Humans are animals by nature. We may "think" know what we are truly capable of most of the time, but sometimes we do things we really wish we could take back or do things we didn't really think we were capable of until it happens.

ZombieNinjaPanda1568d ago

The world isn't coming to anything. YOu think the world is bad now? Ever been drawn and quartered before? Then ask what is the world coming to.

HappyGaming1568d ago

@abzdine I seriously dislike your point of view on this. One psychotic child is given a gun and he shoots his mother. Firstly he wouldn't have done it if he wasn't given a gun. It was a heat of the moment thing where his mental problems all fired up.

Secondly the world is improving. 60 years ago people in Germany were using human soap bars. 100 years ago the Ottoman empire was still sentencing people to death by making them sit on a long sharp metal pole till it reached their neck (through their a**) and killed them.
In ancient Rome it was entertaining to round up slaves and Christians and feed them to lions every weekend.

When did we ever have more morality in the first world then we do now in the 21st century?

1 kid with a mental illness and a gun in his hand just says we have insane parents who actually think their kids would be safer with a weapon that can take lives with just one click.

Darrius Cole1568d ago

Miss me with all the gun control crap. This boy tried to rape his own mother. Let me write that again, RAPE HIS OWN MOTHER. He had deep issues that go beyond simply having access to a gun, or simply having a video game.

Gaming1011568d ago

This just in, the NRA has an announcement:
That mother should have shot back with her own gun! The answer is never less guns, or background checks, or sanity checks, the answer is crossfire with the kids!

Unbelievable. Gun manufacturers have politicians in the back pocket. Any legislation that would limit the sale of guns, even to crazy people or criminals is voted down by American politicians who are completely bought and paid off by the NRA. Gun manufacturers make money by selling more guns, so they don't want crazy people and criminals to not have guns because that hurts sales. It also means sane people will be scared to walk the streets unarmed, so they'll be fear-mongered into buying more guns, thus more profits for gun manufacturers.

Given that every country in the world with 40 gun deaths a year compared 40,000 in the US thinks the US is absolutely bat shit crazy with its archaic insane thinking, it is clear nothing will ever get done so long as the NRA keeps buying politicians.

snipes1011568d ago

I find it ironic that people say "don't blame CoD, blame the gun," which is just people targeting another scapegoat. Double standards much?

The kid tried to rape her corpse. What part of that sentence makes you think that he wouldn't have been just as likely to grab a knife and stab her twenty times?

Use some sense people, and follow your own rules, too.

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thechosenone1568d ago

The fault here lies totally with the parents for giving this little psycho a rifle at the age of 11 for fack's sake.

"Noah Crooks’ attorney is not denying that his client killed his mother, but claims the boy suffered what he referred to as a “tumor of rage”.

a child psychiatrist will testify Crooks suffers from ‘intermittent explosive disorder’ – a mental illness marked by repeated episodes of impulsive, aggressive or violent behavior."

awi59511568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Giving a child a gun causes less problems than keeping gun safety from them. I grew up with guns like a lot of kids from the south like me. The only kids that shoot themselves accidently with guns are the ones that know nothing about them. Thats why for the last say 200 years my family has always taught our kids about guns and like his father and his father before him i got my first gun at like age 10. It's been a long tradition in states that actually hunt forever. I knew from a early age that guns kill and was taught to respect them.

When you grow up on a farm and you have to kill, cows, chickens, and Hogs all the time you know what death is and you learn to fear it. City boys maybe think they are immortal when they are young but us country folks know better.

This kid was screwed up in the head from the start and blaming guns isnt going to fix the mental health problem in the U.S at all. I see sick people walking the street everyday, everyone in town knows they are totally nuts but we cant lock them up untill they do something stupid.Its against their civil rights to lock them up before hand against their will.


You're probably from a stupid state like New york that have no gun rights anyway so you have no problem taking away rights you dont have in the first place. I can't stand people who dont own guns, never shot guns, don't know anything about guns, trying to tell me what i can and can't do with my guns. Kids have been going on their first deer hunts at 8 years old forever so why is it a problem now. Because pansy people like you keep making excuses for their bad behavior. This kid was just sick that's it there will always be one a-hole out of 1000 that will do something stupid We cant stop it that's human nature. But im not going to punish the 99 percent of people for the 1 percent of idiots out there. If we did that non of us could ever leave the house.

DragonKnight1568d ago

Why in the actual f*** would anyone give a kid a REAL GUN?! See, that's the REAL problem these days. Terrible parents. You give a kid a gun, you let him play a game whose primary objective is killing an enemy with guns, you obviously place no restrictions and make the child spoiled, and then you wonder why s*** like this happens. I swear, it should be mandatory that every new parent be required to take parenting classes whenever they have a baby and take refresher courses at the necessary stages of development. Either that, or someone invent common sense classes and require that of parents.

I mean even if this kid had a mental disorder, which isn't even mentioned as being a possibility, it's still up to the parents to create structure and discipline. Any of his deficiencies are due to them not doing right by their child.

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DeadIIIRed1568d ago

@Gumtrol, Human tallow makes for terrible soap. Nazi soap is just war folklore.

shivvy241568d ago


Dee_911567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

gave a child a gun
let child play a shooting game for mature audiences.

Another case of bad parenting reaching a peak.

Are you serious?Like really are you serious?
Your saying the only kids that shoot themselves dont know nothing about guns?First off KID SHOULDNT HAVE GUNS PERIOD!
I have a friend in the army that probably has 100x more knowledge of guns then you ever will and he still managed to shoot his self in the foot.
I cant even comprehend what you typed.Like its impossible for me to put myself in your shoes and say what you said and actually think it makes sense.
I agree blaming guns is very stupid.But saying giving kids guns and teaching them about them would be safer because YOU and people YOU KNOW just happen to not have had an accident yet is probably stupider.

Ravenor1567d ago


Don't be ignorant, a kid having a gun in his possession with ammunition is grade A stupid. I'm all for gun education and for people of all ages to learn how to shoot, but don't be daft.

Is it really so wrong for it to be locked up at all times when not supervised? Or does that not jive with your infallible down south wisdom? Like the kid lived in a rural area, not a farm.

ThanatosDMC1567d ago

Stupid parents who give teenagers a gun. Dont they remember how being a teenager was?

hellvaguy1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

Actually this kind of stuff has been going on since the dawn of time (in low percentages, thankfully). It's only thru all the media we have out now, that we hear about it.

If anyone bothers to read about human history, we are living in the most peaceful time ever (relatively speaking) by far.

grimmweisse1567d ago

@awi, you are a very special kind of stupid. Justifying kids with guns! Really?

Ser1567d ago

Please, Gaming101.

If you think that the firearm is to blame in this situation, you're incorrect. Brb, I've gotta get ready for my hunting trip tomorrow - me and my buddies are bringing a few rifles and we're going to have a perfectly safe and responsible time.

The kid is to blame, and the mother for providing the gun and allowing her child to play an M-rated game at the age of 13/14. GG.

RedDevils1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

Let just say the kid is totally fucked up/mental problem. Gun don't kill people, but stupidity do!

Autodidactdystopia1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

problem is people don't beat their kids no mo.

sorry but its true. those little authority challenging people to be need their ass beat every once in a while so they don't get god syndrome.

then they wont shoot you cause they know you'll beat their ass. (works in kid logic)

teach them right from wrong we wouldn't have this problem. but politically correct America with its lazy ass kids, want everything for free NOW!, or else they will kill you haha fuckin little bitch needs to be taught... family didn't teach it so look what happened.

in all seriousness this politically correct bullshit America is pulling is getting 20yrs old I for one am tired of it. mind your own fukn business and beat your kids when they display absolutely unacceptable behavior and life will cruise.

I had my ass beat and because of that I didn't think I could kill people without repercussions. hence kids need to be brought up, they don't come pre-programmed to be awesome people. you give them that and later in life they learn to thank you for it.

this kid will grow up in prison all because his mom/dad didn't show him who's boss.. cause that would be abuse... HA!


edit: likely one of you will pull the mentally unstable card.

what do you think would've happened if his mom/dad disciplined him in other ways besides "taking away his COD". he would fear them over god. and love them just as much.

guns aren't the problem. and if you want an honest debate start here.

SolidStoner1567d ago

He is a child, he must be in some weird state of mind... this must be parents fault, like in all cases involving children since they must 100% follow and understand theyre child nature, help him and be responsible for everything he does... if parents cant control a kid then I dont want to sound mean.. this is life.. and in life shit happens, we have to understand that human being is only an animal, and if you dont put work into animal it will stay an animal... you have to learn human being how to be a human being.. and I now it sounds weird or crazy for some.. but you cant argue with reality, shit happens if things get out of control!

Karpetburnz1567d ago

Clearly the kid was mental. he tried to rape his own mother. WTF, that's sick

who hell gave this kid a gun?

anubusgold1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )


No your a special type of stupid it's called teaching your kids survival skills. You brats today take for granted that you can just go to the store and get something to eat. Im my day if you didnt know how to shoot you and your family starved.

And you see all these natural disasters where the power is out for weeks at a time and you see these idiots panic. You people have gotten too soft. I got my first .22 rifle at age 10 from my grandad and i used it to hunt rabbits for food for the family. I used it to kill water moccasins that tried to bite me while i was fishing.

I carried my little rifle where ever i went by myself loaded because it was for my protection and helping to feed the family. Thats just how it was done in my day. And it wasnt all these shooting like in these days. This generation is just stupid thats all. Kids had more guns then than they do know and it wasnt anywhere near this amount of violence.

When you lived out in the middle of nowhere where i grew up you better have a gun or you didnt survive. Bears,boars,snakes and crazy folks you run into in the woods. You kids better hope none of your countries collapse because you all will be the first to die of starvation or i hope you enjoy eating grass because thats all you be able to catch. Because someone thought it was a good ideas to baby our kids and not teach the survival skill they need just in case you find yourself lost in the woods or a natural disaster actually hit your area.

You brats today! Can you make a fire without a lighter or matches? Can you make snares for small game? Do you even know how to find water? Do you know what plants in the woods you can and can't eat? Can you hit the broad side of a barn when hunting? Do you know how to catch a rabbit with just a bare stick? We use to teach our kids these thing now we just sit them in front of the Tv so they will shut up. And thats whats wrong with the country today. You kids better learn how to live without so much tech because one day it may not be there alot can change over your lifetime and nothing is promised.