100,000 customers tell Microsoft to save XP

Executive Editor Galen Gruman explains the real intent of InfoWorld's Save Windows XP campaign and the stakes involved for business and home users. Will Microsoft listen to 100,000 customers?

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JsonHenry3751d ago

I wish people would give more feedback of what they were expecting instead of trying to hold up progress. I am so sick of people complaining about Vista. Especially when they were the same ones complaining about XP.

Charmers3751d ago

Please educate me as to how Vista is "progress". With every other PC part they get faster, more efficient, smaller and cheaper, that is progress. The only part of a PC that doesn't do that is MS's operating system, with each new version it gets slower, less efficient, larger and more expensive. You have a strange notion of progress that is all I can say

SKUD3751d ago

I have to agree with 1.1.

JsonHenry3751d ago

If you have to ask, then I am not going to waste my time trying to explain to you the advances included with Vista.

Just sit and complain like everyone else because it is MS and it is the cool thing to do every time a new OS comes out.

And then in 2010 when Windows 7 comes out you will be complaining that Vista was the best OS ever and to not upgrade to Win7...

The only reason Vista is slower (like XP was at the start) is because people simply do not have the correct hardware to run it. XP benefits from having 5 years of hardware advances currently running the XP OS. (and three service packs as well)

Charmers3751d ago

I believe the real reason you won't go into why Vista is better is down to the fact there isn't one single thing that Vista does better than XP. So where is the progress ???? what does it do better than XP ???

I never complained about XP when it came out, XP was a vast improvement over win98/win ME and most people recognised it for progress and were willing to upgrade up to take advantage of the new operating system. That is the point Vista has neglible improvement over XP, infact it actually gives you less performance and virtually zero gain.

In 2010 if MS brings a new OS out then (they always meet their deadlines... NOT) I can tell you most people will still be using XP because Vista is as bad as Windows Millenium.

As for Vista being slower on outdated hardware !!!!! I have two PC's a quadcore/3gbs/8800gts and a Core2Duo/2gbs/8600gt and I can assure you Win XP runs a hell of a lot faster than Vista does on both those machines. As for XP having 5 years of experience, isn't it a shame that MS didn't incorporate that into Vista like all other companies do ie they learn and improve their products, not chuck the old one out and release a brand new bugged to hell version just for the sake of it and the excuse to charge us £200/£300.

Charlie26883750d ago

@JsonHenry: dude don't bother, when people on this site have there minds set about hating something you cant change that even when they don't want to accept that is the same crying people did to save 98 and even 2000 when the "devil" of XP was launched (same complain about not wanting to upgrade there PCs)...its the same deal here people simply don't like change, people wanna accept it or not but is normal human behavior and like it pretty obvious that I bet not even half of the people that bash Vista have NEVER tried it cuz yes were are in the same site people bash console they have never played so what stops them from bashing an OS they have never used or used under bad conditions...nothing

sadly they like it or not the same thing that happened to the other OS before XP is gonna happened to XP cuz its turn is up and to the knowledge of people technology works that way THEY LIKE IT OR NOT

incogneato3750d ago

Vista haters don't really know anything about computers. Hating and complaining is cool on the internet, this is just their latest target. They did the same thing when XP came out.

If you have an ancient computer, spend the $10 to add 1gb of RAM. Is it really a big deal? Or just keep XP. No one is forcing you to upgrade. But when you bash Vista it only shows your ignorance. People who actually know what they're talking about know that Vista is a huge step forward and one of Microsoft's best OS ever.

100,000 people need to get a damn life.

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Superiorrior3751d ago

Come on, it's not lie XP is the better of the two, lower system resources, most games do in fact work for XP, theres a ton of reasons other than having legitimate DX10 on Xp, which is only available for Vista, I use vista myself because I haven't had too many problems over the time, but these people have a right forcing a crappy product doesn't make anyone happy.

decapitator3751d ago

100,000 people hating something, you outta know is not great.

RecSpec3751d ago

I'm sure more than 100,000 people hate the 360/PS3/WII, so that logic is flawed.

gunmetal3751d ago

I could get a 100,000 people to sign an online petition against puppies.

beoulve3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

Yeah right, 100,000 on puppies... big talk, try it

actas1233751d ago

What the hell! I am so sick of ppl afraid of change. Save XP!!!! why? Vista is the more advanced and the better system for the coming years. GET USED TO IT.

PS360WII3751d ago

People afraid of change? What like motion sensing over button input?

Drekken3751d ago

Vista change is out of my pocket. It does nothing to improve things like XP did. I know it just came out and will get better, but MS is working on Windows7 for 2010. Please tell me why I should invest my money into buggy, bloated vista? Especially when they are releasing SP3 to massivly improve XP once again this week.

PS360WII3751d ago

Yeah I'm sure those 100k are really going to have MS change their ways...

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