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Game consoles vs. mobile devices: Is console gaming on life support?

Some are already chiseling RIP on a tombstone for consoles, but in reality mobile devices aren’t yet ready to seriously compete with consoles. (Mobile, PS3, PS4, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

iGAM3R-VIII  +   631d ago
I agree with all of the points this author made. Mobile gaming just isn't being taken as serious as gaming consoles.
zeal0us  +   630d ago
Mobile gaming probably won't ever be taken serious as console gaming. The games that make the most $$$ are the simplest just look at Angry Birds compared to Infinity Blade or Shadowgun.
I wouldn't say console worthy graphics are lightyears away. Nvidia Tegra 5 chip was caught running BF3.
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UnholyLight  +   629d ago
I am sure there are mobile games out there that are worth playing for an extended period of time but to me, the people I talk to that play lots of games on their phones or whatever only play them when they have nothing else to do and are waiting for something.

Ex/ Stuck at an airport waiting to board a flight, or taking a break while at work.

I don't see how it's possible that console games are being hurt by Facebook or mobile games.

I think that sales are down in the industry because people are gearing up for the next gen such as myself, I have sort of stopped buying games recently unless they are an absolute must buy game such as Killzone or Halo or something like that!
RuleofOne343  +   630d ago
It may do it some day but as right now theirs way to much money on the table for anyone to walk away from. JMO
Tapioca Cold  +   629d ago
franko  +   630d ago
Neko_Mega  +   630d ago
Yes theirs fun games on mobile but not comes close to what you get on console/PC. I mean really? You can't get Call Of Duty on mobile (even when you play the mobile one, it doesn't feel the same or that great).

If you want a game with no really deep story to it, you get mobile games. But you want a game with a deep story that keeps you coming back. Well you get console.
Jek_Porkins  +   630d ago
Right now more consoles have sold than in other console generation, sure mobile gaming is continuing to grow because everyone has a smartphone, but just because people spend a few dollars on some breezy game on their phones, doesn't mean there is no room for home consoles.

I have a few games on my phone, but I'm not going to game exclusively on my phone, that'd be lame, you get no really deep games, and I love to sit at home, kick back and play on my big screen. Consoles will continue to do well, we've had a really long generation which has partly caused all of this doom and gloom where consoles are concerned.

Funny when the Super Nintendo and Genesis combined for less than 80 million sold over their lifetimes, nobody said it was declining, yet when we have a generation where three consoles sell 250+ million units combined...console gaming is doomed? lol
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brewin  +   630d ago
Well said. Games have sold so well this gen that just OK sales are viewed as a precursor to the end of consoles. And most analysts look at sales volume when saying this crap. Sure angry birds has been downloaded millions of times, but it's free or as cheap as $1 ad free. Mobile gaming is gimmicky and exploitative. If that's the path companies want to take then gaming will experience an even bigger crash than in the early 80s. Companies like Nintendo and sony may provide the last bastion of hope for home consoles.
admiralvic  +   630d ago
There's no physical controller for mobile games

But they make add ons and that was a core concept of that one Sony phone (too lazy to look up the name). I also believe Samsung did a controller too, so I wouldn't say this is true.

Small screens are limiting

Yet portable consoles have always had a market and I love playing on my Vita. Also tablets are part of the "mobile device" umbrella and are far larger. Finally, most of these devices can connect to the TV (airplay, HDMI, etc), so you can play a mobile game on your TV if you wanted.

Mobile lacks mass storage capabilities

It's completely possible to hit 64 gb+ on a mobile phone, which is more than enough to hold plenty of games. I would also go further to say mobile games have more variety (lower quality though), since they're easy to make / get into the market.

Mobile can't compare with console speeds

Not really a valid point.

Mobile lacks the audio experience

There are solutions to resolve this.

Mobile isn't good for long term playing

Depends what you're playing and how you're playing it. As far as life goes, you can say the same about the PS3, since if my controller dies I have to deal with it plugged in as well.

Mobile doesn't let you sit back to play

As mentioned in screen size and controller, you can resolve this if you want, but you have to actively make that choice.


Overall, extremely bias and terrible article. It might have been intended as a joke, but even then it was just bad. I don't think mobile games will overtake console ones, but that's simply because I value quality over value.
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FantasyStar  +   630d ago
I agree with you. That was a very biased article.
Although I have my own reasons for thinking home-gaming isn't going away any time soon but his reasons are bad: like 'Captain Obvious' bad.
ZILLA  +   630d ago
mobile and tablet gaming suck,my son play on that crap somtimes and without a REAL controller is garbage
voodoopickle  +   630d ago
if mobile gaming was going to kill the console market, it would have happened already. people have had hand held games for years, including me. but nothing compares to playing on my tv with a real controller. I bought a nice 3d tv for a reason and I intend to use it
andreasx  +   630d ago
No... just no...
MasterCornholio  +   630d ago
Until Mobile devices provide the same experience as fully fledged console games i dont see that ever happening.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   630d ago
what people also forget to see and im always making this point is that as mobile gaming improves on graphics, hardware or features, PC and consoles are also improving. so by the time mobile gaming reaches ps3 or 360 graphics, the PC and console devices are already ahead in terms of graphics and features. its as simple logic as that. This is why I hate seeing articles like this. its a no brainer. pc/console vs. mobile gaming = no contest. Ive been gaming on android and iOS also but i can say, pc and console gaming are still the best if you want genuine experience.
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grimmweisse  +   630d ago
Most mobile games seem to be going the free to play route, which in turns makes most of its games pay to win and destroys the overall quality. Dungeon Hunter 4 had so much potential as a mobile game, but gameloft absolutely killed it with its intrusive shop features, need to grind excessively to get anywhere, every ads to buy gear in real world money every loading screen. It was made to be pay to win!

I think the 3ds and vita far outshines the quality and value in mobile gaming. Last mobile game I enjoyed was infinity blade series, but even that became repetitive really fast.

For all the super spec phones and tablets with their quad cores, gigs of memory, they still don't offer the same experience when gaming on consoles.
brewin  +   630d ago
I quit mobile gaming the first time my son accidentally bought $50 worth of in game currency that I couldn't get refunded. Its not worth being exploited. If consoles ceased to exist I would just hook up my old systems. I will never buy into the scam of mobile gaming.
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avengers1978  +   629d ago
Look at all the mobile gaming companies going out of business lately... Then you tell me witch is on life support. Fact almost everyone would still have a cell phone even if there were no games on them. Also a fact that most these games are free apps, and if they weren't free most people wouldn't use them at all.
Zcarnut  +   629d ago
Mobile gaming to me is somthing to do for 5-10 minute intervals while waiting for somthing else. Its a convienent time waster as most people have their phone with them. I dont see them replacing consoles.

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