Game consoles vs. mobile devices: Is console gaming on life support?

Some are already chiseling RIP on a tombstone for consoles, but in reality mobile devices aren’t yet ready to seriously compete with consoles.

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iGAM3R-VIII2055d ago

I agree with all of the points this author made. Mobile gaming just isn't being taken as serious as gaming consoles.

zeal0us2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

Mobile gaming probably won't ever be taken serious as console gaming. The games that make the most $$$ are the simplest just look at Angry Birds compared to Infinity Blade or Shadowgun.
I wouldn't say console worthy graphics are lightyears away. Nvidia Tegra 5 chip was caught running BF3.

UnholyLight2053d ago

I am sure there are mobile games out there that are worth playing for an extended period of time but to me, the people I talk to that play lots of games on their phones or whatever only play them when they have nothing else to do and are waiting for something.

Ex/ Stuck at an airport waiting to board a flight, or taking a break while at work.

I don't see how it's possible that console games are being hurt by Facebook or mobile games.

I think that sales are down in the industry because people are gearing up for the next gen such as myself, I have sort of stopped buying games recently unless they are an absolute must buy game such as Killzone or Halo or something like that!

RuleofOne343 2054d ago

It may do it some day but as right now theirs way to much money on the table for anyone to walk away from. JMO

Neko_Mega2054d ago

Yes theirs fun games on mobile but not comes close to what you get on console/PC. I mean really? You can't get Call Of Duty on mobile (even when you play the mobile one, it doesn't feel the same or that great).

If you want a game with no really deep story to it, you get mobile games. But you want a game with a deep story that keeps you coming back. Well you get console.

Jek_Porkins2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

Right now more consoles have sold than in other console generation, sure mobile gaming is continuing to grow because everyone has a smartphone, but just because people spend a few dollars on some breezy game on their phones, doesn't mean there is no room for home consoles.

I have a few games on my phone, but I'm not going to game exclusively on my phone, that'd be lame, you get no really deep games, and I love to sit at home, kick back and play on my big screen. Consoles will continue to do well, we've had a really long generation which has partly caused all of this doom and gloom where consoles are concerned.

Funny when the Super Nintendo and Genesis combined for less than 80 million sold over their lifetimes, nobody said it was declining, yet when we have a generation where three consoles sell 250+ million units combined...console gaming is doomed? lol

brewin2053d ago

Well said. Games have sold so well this gen that just OK sales are viewed as a precursor to the end of consoles. And most analysts look at sales volume when saying this crap. Sure angry birds has been downloaded millions of times, but it's free or as cheap as $1 ad free. Mobile gaming is gimmicky and exploitative. If that's the path companies want to take then gaming will experience an even bigger crash than in the early 80s. Companies like Nintendo and sony may provide the last bastion of hope for home consoles.

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The story is too old to be commented.