Death Match: Windows Vista versus Windows XP

So there you are, signing the "Save XP" petition, shaking your fist in triumph as you stick it to "the man." It's a liberating feeling. You've found the courage to buck the trend and jump off the Wintel upgrade treadmill. You feel empowered, enlightened. But still, there are these nagging doubts.

Can you really skip the Vista upgrade cycle? Will Windows XP still be properly supported by Microsoft and, as a primary development target, by third parties? Is there something we've missed, some hidden gotcha that's going to trip us up 12, 18, or 24 months from now?

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TriggerHappy3922d ago

Easiest choice I ever had to make in my life, Stick a fork in Vista, XP is where it's at.

JsonHenry3922d ago

Lol, Vista blows XP out of the water as a functional operating system. The biggest problem with Vista is people do not want to upgrade.

Lionsguard3922d ago

Don't fix what ain't broke.

Kholinar3922d ago

"Lol, Vista blows XP out of the water as a functional operating system. The biggest problem with Vista is people do not want to upgrade."

Hmmm... examples? Operating system functionality is pretty universal among non-beta/alpha operating systems. Win95 was functional. Basic file system actions and command interpretation/compiling is the largest part of what you need for a functional system. You don't even really need a gui to be functional.

Now, features... I could see maybe saying that Vista has features that you require/want while XP doesn't.

I think the biggest problem for most is not that they can't see new things in Vista, it's that they don't see enough new things to make an upgrade worthwhile. Or they don't see enough advantage in those features to compensate for lost productivity brought by bad performance. Let's face it. None of the Vista-capable pc's that MS is getting sued for were slouches. They just couldn't really function well under Vista.

Now you may say that people's resistance to change is the biggest problem, but it's also MS's greatest asset. They nurture an environment where people lock themselves away from any chance to change operating systems. The problem with that is that such a mindset will rebel against any new product, not just your competitors.

MS has to sleep in the bed they made. Especially when they took so many years to release a slightly more feature rich but meh operating system. MS even knows this is true. That's why Windows 7 is being pushed hard.

Marcello3922d ago

M$ are just forcing us into buying stuff we dont want or need, its an epidemic on the net, all these anti-virus companies do it aswell, also all these router companies, its all about scary us into buying more protection but its all crap. I have no firewall or anti virus on my pc and dont have any probs at all & only update my windows once every 6 months, you just need to know wat not to surf and not to open like little .exe files from strange or suspect places or from ppl you dont know or things you didnt ask for. Dont let yourself be bullied into buying stuff you dont need. I am sticking with XP cos Vista is more trouble than viruses.

mighty_douche3922d ago (Edited 3922d ago )

Vista's "ok" if your a light PC user (and a non gamer) and you just want something "pretty". If your serious about PC you might find it hard to get on with Vista, and like me, end up havging dual boot XP and Vista.

As soon as MS drops XP (later this year i believe) i bet your copies of XP will be worth more on ebay than new copies of Vista.

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