Possible new FF Versus XIII trailer to be released

Square Enix has announced that they are planning to release a Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer on midnight in their Mobile News Channel for Docomo cellphones. Japanese bloggers are still unsure if it's an entirely new trailer, or the same trailer that was released on the CLOUD DVD, which is a possibility.

One thing's for sure, though: Just like the Final Fantasy XIII trailer that was released last week didn't make it to the web, chances are slim this one will, even if it turns out to be new.

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Lifendz3656d ago

Square has always set the standard in graphics, story, music, and RPGs as a whole. Seeing their first iteration on PS3 is going to be as good an indicator of what the system can do as Killzone 2 will be...maybe even more. Can't wait to see what they do.

sonarus3656d ago

i don't know why everyone is so sure this game won't come out till 09. Square Enix has been releasing a lot of stuff recently suggesting they are making excellent progress

iAmPS33656d ago

Now, this is a great true next gen JRPG.
Can't wait to see in game action.

soul3656d ago

More like Action RPG, since the team that's working on it did KH. The next true RPG will be the main FFXIII.

meepmoopmeep3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

i'd like to see more gameplay though... but CG is fine. i won't complain either way. =)

blah! i read the rest of the article. looks like no trailer for the internet.

JVIDICAN3656d ago

with the engine there using there supposed to look the same
(Gameplay and cgi)

mighty_douche3656d ago

It's all well and good showing it behind closed doors to industry types, but we're the sons of b*tchs buying it! Show Us!

DethWish3656d ago

The FFXIII trailer released was the same as the old one, just without the "Cloud" logo.
This will probably be the same, though I hope not >.<

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