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The DLC Characters We Want for Injustice

IGN - Sure Lobo has been announced, but what other characters should Injustice add? (Injustice: Gods Among Us, PS3, Xbox 360)

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The Meerkat  +   603d ago
Kilowog (for some funny dialogue)
B'wana Beast
Black Manta
Blue Beetle
Whore_Mouth  +   603d ago
Looks like Batgirl is already slated to be DLC.
ThichQuangDuck  +   602d ago
Why not do a brand new fighting form rather than someone so similar to bataman,but whatever.

My list
Beast Boy
Martian Manhunter
All of super friends villains and heroes

Superfriends maps
zeal0us  +   602d ago
Slade is Deathstroke.
-GametimeUK-  +   602d ago
Since Kratos was in MK and other characters like Freddy were introduced I would like to see some alternate characters who are not from DC.

Scorpion or Sub Zero from MK or Cole from Infamous since he is a hero.
admiralvic  +   602d ago
As I've said a number of other times, that really defeats the point of the game and looks out of place.

It "works" for Mortal Kombat simply because Kratos is brutal and Freddy is otherworldly (though I don't think either are exactly great choices), but it would look weird having X DC people and Scorpion (as rumors suggest) playable.

Also... no exclusive is going to be a DLC character. Exclusive characters are there to simply get you to buy their version (like Kratos in 9) and they would announce the PS3 version had exclusive DLC if they were to do so. Since neither happened, it will not happen.
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-GametimeUK-  +   602d ago
Saying what I would like and what is likely to happen are 2 different things completely. With minor costume alterations I see no reason why Scorpion and Sub Zero wouldn't fit in from a visual standpoint. You don't need to look further than the League of Assassins for my point to be proven. Matter of fact, you need to look no further than the DC and Mortal Kombat crossover game. Sure the game sucked, but that's because of the actual gameplay (not the fact DC and MK didn't mix).

As for Cole... I would just like to see it happen. He would definitely be a nice character for this game in every department. Regardless of how likely or not it is to happen, I think he is an awesome character.
DarkBlood  +   602d ago
they should save Darkseid for the sequal
fsfsxii  +   602d ago
Please add Martian Manhunter.
This might as well be DLC characters you want for Injustice 2 because they've already selected Lobo, Batgirl, Zod & Scorpion for Injustice DLC.
fracturedrich  +   602d ago
dante has hit it on the head,i payed for my pass last week already knowing what four i think its lobo,batgirl skorpian then zod in that order, i would like tasmanian devil.
Adolph Fitler  +   602d ago
Just make a deal with Marvel & then we can have THE ULTIMATE superhero fighter. With characters from both Marvel & DC, we get the best of both worlds. And give us dlc that gives us (the consumer), some goddam value for money, for once.
Give us like a 5 or 6 pack of characters with 12 or so background arena's to fight in.

The whole Marvel dream aside, then there are plenty of great DC characters that aren't in the game & should be at various points, so just keep the game in the superhero realm & don't bring characters outside that world into what is a great game & entire concept........and get us more characters & appropriate arena's that FIT into the world.

The biggest reasons fighting games get old, is through lack of characters & arena's to fight in, as well as the importance of moves & combo's. Now, Injustice & the team that develops it & it's other awesome games, have the moves & such down pat, but the area where Injustice can just keep getting better & stale less quickly, is in the roster size & backgrounds..... With Tekken & others offering 40+ fighters & arena's off the bat, it sets a precedent for me, that other fighters NEED to follow.....
And games like these sometimes also have character creation modes.

Now, imagine Never Realm gave us the tools to build whatever Marvel or DC, or Judge Dredd, or Sin City characters we wanted.... I mean, surely it couldn't be that hard, especially when you consider other games like Far Cry, that have been allowing us to build islands & entire levels for over 10yrs (since Far Cry 1), then take into account games like LBP that offer so much creative freedom it's ridiculous, & others like Modnation Racers, LBP Kart, etc, etc, that allow total track building freedom.....this is the way game developers should be going, & fact is, any developers that offer this kind of creative freedom, are the ones I happily hand my cash over to, & instead of clowns keeping on supporting the COD train, they should jump off & invest in these games that offer almost unlimited value for money.

Now, add a character creation & arena creation tool as charged dlc for Injustice, & I will happily pay the asking price.

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