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The Ass Nintendo Doesn't Want You To See

Kotaku - There's new Fire Emblem DLC out today. The Summer Scramble pack. It adds a beach map to the game as well as "many conversations between the parent characters who normally do not support each other in the main game". Yet it also takes one thing away. (3DS, Fire Emblem )

Snookies12  +   603d ago
Nah, that totally makes it look worse than it actually was.

Anyway, this is a TEEN game. I could see doing this if it were rated for a younger audience, but come on. I'm sure a teenager is going to be fine seeing a girl's butt with underwear on. People see that all the time at the beach when wearing bathing suits... -_-

This is why it's hard for me to take Nintendo seriously these days. I have always loved them, but man they need to loosen up.
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KrisButtar  +   603d ago
I will always remember the no blood for mortal kombat. I went as far as buying a genesis just so I could have the correct version of the game.

I honestly don't really understand why they change things up, there are game ratings in place for this. they censor a chick in a bathing suit but allow others to get free passes, if it was that big of a deal to them give it a higher age rating, don't censor it
ShinMaster  +   603d ago
They effectively censored her underwear, but not her ass cheeks lol
They've censored several things in the past including blood, adding more conservative clothing and replacing female sprites with male sprites, gave everyone a baby voice in Mario Galaxy 2 including Yoshi and now this.
Come on, this game is rated "T" not "E".

This is one of the reasons Nintendo has a hard time shedding the "kiddie" image. They bring that criticism upon themselves by doing things like this. Especially Nintendo of America.
Are they trying to embrace the core and gamers of all ages, or not? -_-
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zerocrossing  +   603d ago
Why would they want to censor her but out anyway?, do they think teenage kids aren't seeing buts all the time? the Internet is full of them!

I understand it's important to censor certain content deemed inappropriate for kids/teens but honestly this is pretty ridiculous... :/
Conzul  +   603d ago
I think the "censored" version is more provocative.

I mean why censor underwear? Underwear is itself censorship - meaning this is come kind of censorship-ception I don't even wanna think of.
JohnDread  +   603d ago
I don't see how this is Nintendo's fault. From what I know (you may correct me if I'm wrong), the US society is quite prude and, at times, very sensitive about it. I can see parents, indoctrinated by this ideology, raging about how they trusted Nintendo and "NOW THIS HAPPENED". Nintendo obviously is fine with showing butts in the rest of the world, but they just have to censor because they know how things are in the US. Every kind of violence is fine, so no censorship in the US. However in Europe we get censorship on excessive violence. That's how is goes and always went in gaming. I don't know why people make a fuss about this particular case.
dedicatedtogamers  +   603d ago
Oh Kotaku...

"Ermagerd! Nintendo is censoring a Teen game on a kid-friendly handheld!"

"Ermagerd! ATLUS refuses to censor boobs in a likely-M-rated game on a hardcore handheld!"

All that is needed is a "games are art!" article, and then a "games are sexist!" article claiming that Bioshock Infinite is sexist for making Elizabeth a supporting character.
Hicken  +   603d ago

I mean, sure, this is a ridiculous thing for Nintendo to do and all, but it's not like Kotaku bringing this to our attention makes up for all the hundreds of other shitty articles they put out.

Still, we can't seem to even get them off a full three stars, let alone get them banned from the site.

Why the hell not???
Kennytaur  +   603d ago
My guess is it's because of bad parenting. When young teenagers get to play Call of Duty, it's not much og a stretch to see parents buying their seven year old child Fire Emblem, and then when they see a bikini-clad drawing of an ass in their kids game, it's suddenly Nintendos fault.
Persistantthug  +   603d ago
Didn't Nintendo block BINDING OF ISAAC because of it's Biblical allusions?
No personal offense to anyone, but Nintendo, in general, has always primarily catered to kids and families.

There's nothing wrong with that.....but, now that I'm a grown man, it's just not for me.
That's all.
stragomccloud  +   603d ago
Except remember that the original uncensored version is also Nintendo. This is an example of American censorship based on American puritanical "ethics."
hano  +   602d ago
Congratulations on growing up and becoming a 'man'.
But I don't think you're quite there yet since you don't seem to have the comprehension.

Nintendo wants the game to sell well and the best way is to have it rated for everyone or pg13 at the most.
Notice they didn't have a problem with releasing that in Japan. So the problem is the US retarded rating system.
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SilentNegotiator  +   603d ago
I don't blame American ethics, I blame Nintendo for thinking that there would be any sort of significant outrage from underwear/buttcheeks being displayed in a teen rated video game.

mamotte  +   602d ago
"This is why it's hard for me to take Nintendo seriously these days."

Sorry, your comment made me laugh. Mainly because of the lack of common sense in the N4G hating.

-Nintendo made the game.
-Nintendo made the character.
-Nintendo made the DLC.
-Nintendo, actually, PUT the butt in the character,as everyone can see, in an uncensored way.

And then:

-Ultra moralist America censor the game in América.

Nintendo of japan made the game, the character, the art with the butt. Yes, the game makers, you know, programmers, designers, producers... "Nintendo".

Is America, and religion, and maybe CNN and FOXS News the people causing an absurd censoring in everything we get.
Mounce  +   602d ago
That and it makes it look like Batman is behind her.

Why is Batman behind her...? ;o
sherimae2413  +   603d ago

dragon's crown- sorceress' boobs = Biiiiig NO!

fire emblem - tarjha's butt = Yes, Yes, Yes!
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Lifebanisher  +   603d ago
dragon's crown- sorceress' boobs = :p

fire emblem - tarjha's butt = oppa Gangnam Style!
fsfsxii  +   603d ago
Kotaku bashes everything Sony related, remember Guacamelee??
SilentNegotiator  +   603d ago
Kotaku is still sore that Sony blacklisted them for leaking Home.

But this one I WOULD probably blame on American ethics. We've become so polarized as the quickly 'majorizing' (by 2040s) minority of Mexican-Americans fight to keep gaining ground and influence. Some people going after Mexican-influenced imagery (even by a Mexican-American) as "racist" doesn't shock me half as much as it should.
ApolloTheBoss  +   603d ago
Oh no it's not like it totally doesn't make it even MORE suggestive, seeing as that curtain could be mistaken for Marth's cape.
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weekev15  +   603d ago
Why is this even news? I'm reasonably impressed someone even noticed this.
ShiftyLookingCow  +   603d ago
Welcome to Kotaku's brand of journalism!
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MasterCornholio  +   603d ago
Wow they removed her panties.

Giggity giggity goo

Ah yeah.

Boing going going
Fwap fap fap gap

See what censoring something like this in this manner does to a perverts mind?

Motorola RAZR i
Donnywho  +   603d ago
I think the best part of articles like this are the comments that are just way too long for something as silly as this.
Trunkz Jr  +   603d ago
Dat @ss. (short enough?)
RBlue_Desire  +   602d ago
Bubbles up good sir~ for the laugh.
just-joe  +   603d ago
Sums it up rather well

Related video
Agent_hitman  +   603d ago
This game have probably Hentai elements, I should go and buy this game for Wii U.
FantasyStar  +   603d ago
Nintendo USA underestimates their target audience that buys games like these.
wishingW3L  +   603d ago
Nintendo's main focus has always been the children, that adults buy their games is an entirely different matter.
hano  +   602d ago
You are stupid aren't you?

This DLC was released in Japan without censorship. That means that Nintendo treats the US market like children, not Japan. Hence the problem is with the US market and their rating systems.
b_one  +   602d ago
Asstaku strikes again :> First time, more tits = bad, now - no ass = bad too.
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kingPoS  +   602d ago
Silly gamer, Nintendo's tricks are for kids.

Related image(s)
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mt  +   602d ago
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mamotte  +   602d ago
The lack of common sense in the N4G hating is awesome.


-Nintendo made the game.
-Nintendo made the character.
-Nintendo made the DLC.
-Nintendo, actually, PUT the butt in the character,as everyone can see, in an uncensored way.

And then:

-Ultra moralist America censor the game in América.

Nintendo of japan made the game, the character, the art with the butt. Yes, the game makers, you know, programmers, designers, producers... "Nintendo".

Is America, and religion, and maybe CNN and FOXS News the people causing an absurd censoring in everything we get.
StraightedgeSES  +   602d ago
The reason why Nintendo censored the images here in America is because modern day feminist makes a big deal out of stuff like this, and if Nintendo wanted to protect their image they would have also censored it in Japan which they did not.
GABRIEL1030  +   602d ago
Ummmm nice ass...
Exodecai  +   602d ago
So... an ass was censored, but we can have Waluigi tell a soccer stadium to SUCK IT... Waluigi will be Nintendo's savior one day when he stars in Nintendo's version of GTA.

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