Under 18 Years Old? You Cannot Use the PSN in South Korea

Kotaku - Last year, the "Shutdown Law" was created in South Korea to prevent gamers under sixteen from gaming during a six-hour block at night. A year later, it's going to impact more than gamers under the age of sixteen. PlayStation gamers under 18 are getting screwed, too.

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XabiDaChosenOne2047d ago

Seriously? Must be gaming heaven over there, I'm about to make a South Korean account right now!

M-M2046d ago

Took the words right out of my mouth lol.

abzdine2046d ago

"From the sound of it, the PSN in South Korea will be PlayStation Plus only."


A credit card info for checking doesn't mean they automatically will pay 50$. It's just a way for SCEK to check the age of the user.

SolidStoner2046d ago

and this should be all over the globe, or at least separate people under 18 with people over 18... Im so sick and tired of those random children ruining all online experiences...

you guys rock since you think the same! respect!!!

JoySticksFTW2046d ago (Edited 2046d ago )

Reads headline...

South Korea gets a massive influx of gamers from around the world.

Honestly, that would take me back to the earlier days of ps3.

Playing Warhawk was so peaceful and a much more mature chill atmosphere due to kids couldn't afford the damn thing yet and the others were probably just too happy to be playing next gen games.

Oh Shoot!! Guys, just thought of something!

I know some people troll Xbox Live fees, but I would definitely pay extra to play online if there was a tier / servers with gamers 18+ only and maybe even more heavily modded to keep things civil.

You could still have access to general servers if you choose, but imagine if you will a safe(r) haven for more mature gamers. Goodness, that sounds amazing

Sigh... :')

kreate2046d ago (Edited 2046d ago )

South korean psn requires u to put ur social security number down or else u cant make a south korean account. This verifies ur age and gender.

Parents requested the government to take drastic action due to kids playing way too much games.

Not the the government trying to take control, but the ppl taking control of the government.

insomnium22046d ago

I would pay money to have the option to play with only 18+ people online. Sign in by verifying with your bank like we do with many important things (like filling in tax reports and stuff for example).

I would pay 20€ per year to have the option to block out the brats from my internets.

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guitarded772046d ago

That's what I was coming here to say :D

Man, when the PS3 was 500 - 600 dollars, there were pretty much just adults there. It was a wonderful place. As the price dropped, more parents bought PS3's for their kids and it is what it is today. It's not too bad compared to other services, but one shooter in particular brings out the tweens and their mouths.

SilentNegotiator2046d ago

Yeah, hardy har call of duty, kids, etc, etc.

But come on. A video game curfew when you were 16? Could you imagine? I was employed by 16. School and work, and the government telling me that I couldn't play games online when I got home? I would not be a happy young citizen.

SilentNegotiator2046d ago

Ah, my mistake. UNDER 16. But still, 15 is pretty old to have the government tell you when to turn off the video games.

Simon_Brezhnev2046d ago

Well they really do got a gaming addiction. I hope they can at least download demos. Most south koreans be on mmos ne wayz. They got some of the best in the business.

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Majin-vegeta2046d ago

The COD players will be so happy.

ajax172046d ago

Needs to happen here in North America. Especially on Xbox Live.

BranWheatKillah2046d ago

This sounds like the greatest thing to happen to online gaming... ever.

sashimi2046d ago

Whats the point about making an article about this specificity targeting psn? this is a general online gaming shutdown of minors -_- oh craptaku ^_^

MikeMyers2046d ago

The PC and Xbox 360 it says under 16, not 18. But you're right, it's not just PSN.

Hufandpuf2046d ago

Because this is going to happen in a few days. Why bring up the xbox when that is generally old news and to be fair, Kotaku did mention the xbox not allowing minors to play online but that was years ago. PSN blocking minors is happening now.

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