Battlefield 4 premium service access further discussed

EA’s upcoming next installment into the “Battlefield” franchise will feature a premium service for those who pre-order “Battlefield 4.” The developer has now confirmed that any pre-order through any outlet (both physical and online stores) will grant access to the game’s premium service. After specifically being asked if “Battlefield 4” must be purchased through EA’s own Origin service to receive premium status, DICE responded by stating the following, "No, as long as your pre-order the game, you will have access to it."

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ZodTheRipper1967d ago

Hopefully the first DLC is free for preorders like Back to Karkand was with BF3.

ddurand11967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

i dont. that was my biggest gripe with premium for bf3.

I had to pay the same price for premium as everyone else but I already owned back to karkand due to my preorder.

I know thats nitpicking, but i still dont think it was right.

I hope they offer some kind of loyalty discount to bf3 premium members or something. thatd be cool.

Dirtnapstor1967d ago

Totally agree, especially when the BF3 Premium disc bundle went on sale. Granted I had been playing for some time prior, but still, add the original costs up...over $100 for a bundle you can buy for $40 on sale now!
Maybe they'll discount the BF4 Premium $$$ for those who are BF3 Premium members with a B4 preorder?! That'd be a nice gesture for being loyal.
I understand over time games will get discounted, but yes, something should be said about loyalty.

ddurand11967d ago

it surprises me that people think that you should pay for content you already own.

ExposingLames1967d ago

As a PS3 gamer who was pumped for BF3 and preordered and played for months while they actually released let alone refused to fix a broken party and mic system among other inexcusable things?

That was my last "DICE" game. Believe that.

Majin-vegeta1967d ago

Same here.I may pick up Bf4 if they release a premium edition.Plus Bf3 still has plenty of life in it.

ExCest1967d ago

So wait, pre orders get premium? Are we finally going back to those days when DLC was free (at least for PC, not sure about consoles) or close to that day?

Teajae1967d ago

i think pre-orders only get the first dlc.

ExCest1967d ago

Well that sucks. It looked to be otherwise.

Pillsbury11967d ago

So you HAVE to pre order to get premium? Doesn't sound right, what about those people that did not pre-order? I doubt they will refuse taking money to buy premium. They are EA after all.

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